Monday, May 2, 2016

Who let the Dogs Out?‏

Hola from Buenos Aires!!
So where to start! Well to start every day gets a little bit easier and every day my castellano improves a little bit! But yeah culture shock. I still walk into houses and am stunned for a minute when I see how people live, wow. But they make do I guess. most everyone has a smart phone though and a very good speaker system in their house with a tin roof so yeah! Weird what comes first.
Last pday was fun. One of the Hnas in our zone had abirthday so we had a birthday party and ate delicous treats and hot chocolate and watched Toy story 3! it was nice to just unwind and get refreshed for the new week.
So the very exciting news of the week! We got new bicylcles and a new estufa!!! YEAH!!! Bikes is great because walking... eh. But my comp only has riden a bike 4 times so yeah that will be interesting! Also a new estufa or space heater is great because holy cow I am already freezing to death and it is only MAy! I am gonna be a popsicle in JUly holy moly. And also it is winter and not christmas which is throwing me off. I seriously am in more than one pair of tights daily and already wearing my big coat out tracting.... this Arizona girl is in for it. everyone here thinks I am use to it though cuz in the US there is snow and I have to explain that I live in the desierto!! I don't know how hot it gets in AZ in celsius or I would tell them.... 

OKay so have I mentioned how many dogs are here?  I don't know but it is worth mentioning again. WOW. Every home owns at least one usually three dogs and there are twice that many just raoming the streets. We yell chuhca at them all day long which I think is the word for doghouse?? I don't know but it has kept them away pretty well. Although Hna. Medrano tells me you aren't a real missionary without a dog scar! uh oh. Also the dogs bark all night and I literally pray nightly that WHEN I wake up in the night from the dogs I will be able to fall back asleep quickly. 

​The work is going good as far as I can tell. We have one baptism scheduled for 2 weeks from now and we are prayign that works out.​ What I have learned the last 2 weeks is that I am not perfect for as hard as I try. But if I am doing the best I and the Lord is pleased with me and will bless me. So I do the best I can to be exactly obdient and to have faith that one day I will be able to talk and teach and be the missionary I want to be and help the people the way I want to. I just keep pressing forward with a hope in Christ and somehow I make it through the day. Thanks for the prayers all!! A mission is hard but rewarding. HAve faith and hope in Christ.

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