Monday, May 9, 2016

Brad Wilcox Letter!!

Also let it be known I got a letter in the mail from the one and only BRAD WILCOX. 
It kinda made my life just a little and I thought of my friend Dan who idolizes the man so yes :) 

Hna Medrano and I celebrated her 1 year in the mission with dulce de leche and bananas! 
It was fabulous! 

One of my favorite less active member families, the Lescano familia. The mom is inactive but her kids go mas o menos. But the mom is the sweetest lady in the world. Love her to pieces!  Also in the photo are some of the kids friends.. 

One of the nices streets in the area. And a typical view for me, she likes to walk that far ahead of me always..... dont ask me why but yes!  So that is what I look at all day :) 

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