Monday, November 28, 2016

When It Rains It Pours... and Fills the Baptismal Font

So this week. Not gonna lie it was probably the hardest of my life. But holy cow did I learn a LOT!!! So to start off the week it all was going well right? Monday for pday we had the other sisters in the ward come over for crepes and it was delicious and fun and then in the evening we went to the chappel to help Andres with his baptismal interview. 

He was so cute, he had everything all mixed up in his head, ¨tithing for example makes us happy because on Sunday we eat healthy and don't eat to give money.... ¨ Poor guy had all the commandments mixed up but holy cow I have never met anybody with such a pure desire to change and learn and be better. So we reviewed and helped him get everything straight before our district leader came and interviewed him and he passed! WOOO HOO! :) He was cute and happy and we were so happy for him and everything was just peachy :) 

And then the crazines started. So Tuesday, after our reunion de distrito, I started a week of intercambios, because Hna Shepard, my companion capacitadora, is training her comp and she couldn't be alone in her area so even though my comp was new in our area and we had a baptism that week she was left all alone witha newbie to organize a baptism and so that was fun. 

but anyway Saturday.... 

so after the tormenta blanca (which is where all the missionaries in the zone go to work in an area for a few hours) it was pouring right.... like really, really pouring. But we had a lunch to get to.... so with Hnas Medford and Lockling we started the long trek to lunch.... in the pouring rain! We did buy an umbrella when we were already soaked but it was good :) it was actually super relaxing and fun to jump in the puddles and just get soaking, soaking wet :) but afterwards I was kinda cold. :) so after lunch we headed back to the pench for a quick shower to warm us up so we didn't get sick and then we headed over to the baptism of Andres! :) WOOHOO! :) 

So we told Andres to get there at 5:30 cuz it started at 6 right, but he got there at 4 and even brought his tithing money he is so cute :) ­čĺÖ So we sat and chatted with him a moment and then went to go make sure that everything was okay for the baptism. And can I just say that Satan has something over the baptismal fonts, for some reason every single baptism has a problem with the baptismal fonts. So basically the font filled up a foot and then stopped, because there had been a problem with the water and the whole chappel didn't have water so I was tired at this point but because of the blessing I had received I had peace. I was a little stressed but I knew everything would work out okay, so we talked about walking around the corner to presidents house and using his pool, it even got to the point where the assistants called presidente to ask permisi├│n and then miracle of miracles the font started to fill! So we had everyone change into their white clothes and we took their pictures and started the service! :) It was super tender and sweet and Andres was just so excited.  An investigator of the assistants got baptized too so it was really a party and Oscar, who got baptized a few weeks ago, baptized Andres. 

One of my favorite moments I have had so far on the misi├│n is listening to Oscar before he and Andres entered the font practice in the bathroom and we were all just outside listening and it was tender. Even if the w├íter was Green :) Andres was confirmed Sunday and told me that he was excited because he felt like a new person and was ready for a new life, and that something inside him had opened up. 

So I learned this week that the saying, when it rains it pours, is the truth, but I also learned that the Savior is always there to hold us up. And sometimes there are rainbows and miracles and baptisms :) 

I love the misi├│n. It is the single hardest thing I have ever done, but wow..... it is worth it. 


When It Rains, It Pours... Photos

Baptism of Andres 
and hey if you notice, Oscar who got baptized 2 weeks ago baptized  him :) 

Jam and crackers for Thanksgiving with Hna Davis :)

With Hna Molinero y Davis
intercambios in trio! 

Monday, November 21, 2016

Working Hard Photos

The Hermanas of Banfield 2 

Our investigator Maria Lousia with her hortensias 
(One of my favorite parts of Argentina are the flowers)

Argetina has the best flowers

Chilling on the chilly roof of our apartment

and our amiga Ana Rosa

One of the members made me a balloon animal and it made me happy :) 
(not sure if Abby sent the right photo for this caption?)

Bored waiting for a tour to start in the Capilla Abierta

How I feel at the end of the week 

Working Hard

So this week was a really good one! We worked really hard and we are able to see a few fruits so that has been awesome! :) 

We had a new investigator this week, Maria Louisa, she really likes her garden and is really Catholic but hey :) its all good! The flowers in the photo of her are wow.... all over the place right now and I love them! :) 

Andres is progressing SUPER well and we hope that this Saturday we are gonna have a baptism wooohooo!!! Pray for us and him please! He is honestly the best, he just wants a better life and knows that baptism will help him and he tells us all the time, I just started with this stuff but I am just gonna keep learning little by little.... ahhh :) love him so tender :) The ward loves him too, he always arrives half an hour early to our appointments with him in the chapel so he has met a ton of members and they talk with him and are his friends and it is cute :) 

This week coming up is gonna be full of meetings of liderazgo (leadership) and intercambios (exchanges) wooohoo and I am not gonnna be able to work in my own area much which super stresses me out cuz we are gonna have an open chapel in a week and there is a ton to plan and we have to plan a baptism but I am not stresed.... and I'm not stressed that there are 5 of our hermanas in our zone training and that there are lot of problems with some companionships ..... nope not stressed at all......

But hey, this weekend was good, so el Faro, an area in our zone, had a capilla abierta (open chapel) Saturday and those are awesome! Basically 40 missionaries show up in a ward and work super hard all morning and invite a ton of people to come to the open chapel where they turn the capilla (chapel) basically into a visitors center and then the hermanas give tours and it was great! 

So I wanted to share some fun expericenes from that, so on the way there no one knew how to get to el Faro so we all met up in the train station and like 25 missionaries took the public bus together with 1 elder who knew how to arrive, and on the bus we all got on and then immediately the assitents starts contacting someone and everyone just looks at each other and then starts contacting everyone on the bus and it was so cool people, an entire bus full of people sat and chatted with the missionaries and we shared a message and took down their info and it was just a super cool minute, and when people got off the bus and others got on and sat next to us we would talk to them too! Super cool! :) 

Then in the actual cappilla abierta, (open chapel) with my comp in the morning we contacted a full and one of the men we contacted showed up with his little invitacion and it was super cute :) 

It has been a fun challenge getting to know my new comp, it is weird to have to get used to people and figure out a way to work together.  But she is super fun. She has 5 months in the mission and this week was a little hard for her adjusting to this area but I think we will get along just fine. 

We keep working hard and this week is no exception! I love you all and please pray for us and Andres  :) 


Monday, November 14, 2016

Banfield Round 3 Photos

our district menos Elder Romney

haha you can see in this foto we were playing assistants and tried to guess all the changes in the hermanas! :) there are only 30 so it isn't too hard! 

matching tree of life necklaces :) 

fiesta with the other hnas in our pench when our lunch was a no show 

Banfield Round 3

Hola everybody, how is it going! So, to start off we got our transfer calls Saturday and I am sticking around in Banfield, BUT I have a new companion!!! Hermana Navarrete from Chile! She has 5 months in the mission and this is her second area and she is ready to just hit the ground running!! Woohoo it will be super fun! 

But holy cow, I am gonna miss my compi Hna Hern├índez like you wouldn't believe! She literally is one of the best friends I have ever had and made working in a really hard area not just possible but enjoyable! Love you compi! 

I continue this transfer as a hermana capacitadora so that is fun and I will have lots of intercambios this tranfer!! A trabajar! :) (to work)

This last week we had together was a pretty good one! We had a few lessons with Andres and he is progressing super well and is so cute, he went to capital and when we saw him Thursday he was all worried we had called him while he was traveling and didn't have service and ahhh.... he is super cute :) Oscar the other hermanas' convert is progressing really well too! He was really sad to see Hermana Chaffin go!
To celebrate with the other hermanas this week we were going to have lunch with our mission leader ..... but we all showed up at his house and he wasn't home and didn't answer our phone calls.... so we bought stuff for hamburgers and some ice cream and had a little party :) it was fun! 

I am really grateful for this last transfer I had. It was one of my favorites. I grew with my compi to have our own little version of a family here. We were super close to our district and zone leaders and my comp always said that I was her mom, our dl was her dad, and our zone leaders were her tio y abuelo! We felt a lot of support from them in the middle of some rough times together and it was sad to break up the family! BUT I am excited for this area! There are lots of prepared people just waiting to be found! 

I am grateful to be the Lord´s missionary and serve him with all I have! Wish me luck with all the changes headed my way! 
Hermana Walker 

Monday, November 7, 2016

Miracles and Setbacks photos

The Baptism of Oscar 
Miracles are happening in Banfield 2 

with Hermana Dias from Brazil

our investigator Andres 

With my favorite :)

From our adventure in the hospital