Monday, April 25, 2016

First week en el Campo Misional‏

So my name is Hermana Walker and I am a missionary. my first area is Ezeiza and my first comp is Hna. Medrano. She is from Bolivia and you guessed it... speaks no english so my castellano is improving rapidly.
So first off it was hard to leave the CCM, it had carpet and the little family I had built for myself so very sad to leave. Singing god be with you till meet again would have brought me to tears if I hadn't been playing the piano.
but i am in the campo now and that is that. The first day was super hard and I went to bed super frustrated and sad and angry and the nexct day I realized it was because I didn't eat dinner. apparentl my comp doesn't eat dinner so I excplained i need to eat or I get crnky and she seemed to understand but she still seems a little weirded out and surprised every time I remind her we need to eat. I don't know my address but I live in a building across a field from the chapel on Ramos mejia. There are 4 missionaries in our ward, 2 elders and 2 hermanas and we split the ward in half. We actually live in the elders area but that is okay. 

​So Buenos Aires (my mission is the province of BA not the city) is not the USA! SURPRISE!!! :) haha but really but no. Our appartment is pretty nice but others.... holy cow talk about humbling. They make do with what they have which isn't much. I feel very out of place here with my blond hair light skin and cheta things. My comp tells me that everything I have is "Cheta" aka nice and expensive. so yeah I definetly stick out like a sore thumb and get stared at ALL day. no biggie.
My castellano is improving and is actually pretty good but I am to say the least a perfectionist and so saying anything not with perfect grammer bugs me. Also I am not a chatty kathy and my comp asks me all the time why I don't ask lots of questions, and i tell her I just don't have many. Sometimes she just tells me talk faster hermana! And I just want to yell, I can't this is as fast as I can translate and congugate in my head but I just smile say a prayer and try to talk faster so she can feel more normal.  Basically my language is good enough to know that people are talking about me and get the gist of what there are saying but not enough to respond to whatever was said so yeah.... poca a poca. Little by little I will improve. But I have definetly had to rely on the Savior and my Heavenly Father to get me through the week. I have been praying though and he is definetly there and answering my questions. Everyday in personal study I stumble across exactly the verse or passage or story I need to get me through the day. And I found so many lines n my patriarcahl blessing that have given me the faith to perservere and stay here. It is hard though. Miracles do happen for sure. Just last night we invited a man with whom we where having our first lesson and he accepted the invitation to be baptized so miracles are real and happen. ​
but yup! I am a yankee (or chankee) as they call me here in Argentina and it is hard. No doubt about it, but as long as I keep in mind why I am here, to help others be happy and be with their families forever, I know I can do it. Prayers of coarse are appreciated though :) Thanks for the support I love you all.
Hermana Walker 

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