Monday, May 30, 2016

Abby's Weekly Email

SO I don't have oodles of time this week lo siento! But I will do my best to tell all :) 
So first off, I bought oranges because my health was a little under the wether and I had forgotten how much I love those and they remind me of home. Also my comp was sick for the first 2 days of this last week. And it was actually lkinda nice for me, I got some me time to study and read and I got to serve her a little bit. And the best way to grow to love someone is service so that was awesome :) 
Winter pretty much started this week in Argentina with rain. From what I can gather basicaly winter menas that for the next 3 months or so it will rain and mist daily. quite the change for this ARizona girl we belongs in the sun but kinda fun too. :) on the bright side I have an excuse to not do my hair everyday because it will be wet after an hour outside so yeah. But trying to dry our laundy is frustrating because.... a week later and nothing is dry and we are out of clothes.... so enjoy your drying machines people! But also it was raining yesterday right, so the assitance to the churhc was like 40 people. GRRR... I mean I completly unerstand these people live on dirt roads and when it rains they live on mud roads but I am walking in it you can too!!! Oh well! Most of the ward is inactive from what I can tell so lots of our day is trying to visit these families and get them to see the blessings of going to church. There are about 10 strong families in the ward and then a handful of solo people that come but those that are active are SUPER active. They are all in the capilla at least 3 times a week it is awesome! 
We have currently probably about 15 investigators but only about 2 that are going anywhere fast. Most of them are living with their pair and arent married and without they cant get baptized and when they arent members they dont have much motive to come to church on sunday so grr.... but its okay. I just want everyone to get married her and everyone at home to stop getting married but whatcha gonna do? #missionprobs
We have 2 investigators though who are awesome! Sergio and Graciela, they are a couple getting married in september and they are golden. Honestly every lesson we have with them is thes best. Saturday we taught them the 10 comandments and the only questions they had were over thou shlat not kill. seems like a weird one to have questions about but she is studying to be a police officer so yeah :) 

​My castellano is improving little by little so that is nice. This week was mothers day in Bolivia so my comp skyped home and while she was left alone I was basically left alone with the family whose computer we were using and I was able to hold my own and converse mas o menos for almost an hour so wooo hoo!! Also sometimes I answer the calls on our cell from other missionaries and it is kinda super weird to be talking with another american in spanish but what ya gonna do? :) 
Also I have 1 transfer down! Transfers are every 6 weeks and I have my first one in the field down! 11 more to go! BAsically I am still a baby but yeah :) babies grow up fast :)
This week I have been studying prayer and something I am relearning and remembering is that prayer is a conversation. I encourage you all to say yoour prayers and take pauses and moments to think and receive. Often we receive comfort, answers and counsel while still on our knees. God is our father and wants to talk to us, but too often we quickly him and ask him for a few things and then jump up without listening for his response. So treat your prayers more like a conversation and enjoy the blessings 

 Love you all! Enjoy your summer and sunshine while I enjoy my rain :) 


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