Monday, May 16, 2016

The Miracle(s) of Baptism

Hola everyone! 

This week I had the first baptism in the mission!! Wooohoo! His name is Sergio and he is 19 and has been taking the discussions for 4 months now and is great! I didn't do much of his teaching but that is okay :) But holy cow the fact the baptism went smoothly is a miracle! So first off, Monday of last week he got some sort of eye infection, not sure exactly what cuz I don't know that medical vocabulary but something bad..... miracle of miracles he was healed enough to be baptized Saturday! The water was cold though because the heater wasn't working and it is winter here so sorry Sergio! The next miracle is that people showed up to the baptism, the attendance was great, the ward and especially the yound adults really supported him. Another miracle was that we were able to prepare for his baptism, we needed to get back into our apartement before his baptism but one of the 3 keys we have to use to get to our apartment wasn't working .....!!! So we said a prayer and then 15 minutes later it finally worked! Hallelujah! And here is the biggest miracle of all... so all week we have been asking people if they would bring food to the service right? cookies, soda, the works. 2 minutes before the baptism we went to check on the room where the food was, and there was literally 1 bottle of soda. AHHHHH!!! we were in a panick!! we enlisted a few members to buy something while he was chaging after he was baptised and then we were literally sitting there praying for a miracle like when Jesus fed the 5000 with 2 fishes and 5 loaves of bread. And when the service ended we opened the curtain and the table was so beautifully arrayed I almost cried. I don't know where the food and drinks came from but they were there. It really helped incrase my testimony that the Lord cares about us and his hand is in the little things as well as the big things. I am so happy for Sergio and that he has entered into a beautiful covenant with the Lord. There are big things ahead for him. 

The language is coming along.... at least I think it is! No one asks me how long I have been in the country immediatly after I open my mouth so yeah :) 

As for what is weird in Argentina this week:
People burn their garbage in the street so I am constanly walking through smoke
People build their own homes, there are lots of homes we visit that only have half a roof, or we can't come in because the floor is freshly laid cement.

Also I know I am adjusting to argentina when we visited this week one of the houses I visited my first week that made my jaw drop because and I looked around it and thought it was actaully pretty nice! :) 

Ahhh yeah :) the mission and argentina is the best! Thanks for the support all! :) The church is true :) 


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