Monday, May 23, 2016

When the Door is Broken

So this week was pretty good and we had some interesting experiences her in Ezeiza. Sorry if I dont sound enthusiastic this week but the computer I am using is in Portugese and I dont know where the question mark or exclamation point is.... Argentina. 
So basically I am gonna talk about Thursday. In the morning I had tramites. I dont actaully know what that word means but basically I had to go to the office and then they bused us around so I could work on my visa paperwork. But it was fun because I was reunited with Hna Davis from the CCM and elder Maxwell tambien. Hna Davis and I talked the whole time about how we are adapting and how the language is coming and it was nice to just unload a little and chat with someone who is going through the same things. Also we got facturas which dont exist in the united states which makes my heart hurt. 

So then Thursday night after a morning of tramites where we had to wake up early to be at the office by 8. We had to take 2 trains for about an hour to get there. and an afternoon of biking around on dirt roads which is killer cuz it is up and down hills and bumps all day we were tired and excited to get back to the pench to study language then plan and go to bed.... but wouldnt you know it. We got back to the door and one of the exterior doors wouldnt open.... the lock mechanism is kinda busted so yeah... we kept trying and praying and trying some more to open the door but to no avail. So we just started having study in the street.... sketchy street too but whatca gonna do..... while we waited for someone to enter or exit the buiding and open the door. 

After an hour or so we remembered we had cookies in the backpack so we enjoyed those and then we started getting creative yelling up at the apartments and trying to scale the door to get to the second floor balcony of our pench. Haha yeah that wasnt gonna work either. we called our nieghbors and rang their doorbells but no one was home. so about 850 we finally gave in and called for help. We are supposed to be in at 9 or 930 if we had a lesson. First we called the district leader who didnt know what to do so he called the zone leaders who called us and told us to call the missionaries in charge of the pensions. the pensionaros told us to wait while they called someone else. Then they called us and told us to wait in the chapel while they called someone to come jimmy the door. We got into the apartment at 1020 and for anyone who is familiar with missionary work... bedtime is 1030 so we literally changed our clothes said a prayer and slept..... it was a little rough.
Okay so this week in the what is weird in Argentina column... my milk comes in a bag, and everyone here has gates or walls with spikes right.... bt if you cant afford do that no worries, just break your glass bottles and plaster those on top of your wall and no one will want to scale it. haha gotta love this country. 

​Being a missionary is hard for sure. But I have already learned so much. From my companion, from the members, from the spirit. I know I am not perfect but everyday I am trying a little harder. Sometimes working with investigators is frustrating because 90 percent of them need to get married or divorced and then married to the other person but they dont seem to understand how important baptism is. Only through baptism can we enter the celestial kingdom, there is NO other way. I wish i could just wave a wand and make people understand that but alas... I am a mere mortal with a nametag. There are however my little rays of sunshine, we have 2 or 3 investigators who want the truth so bad. They work so hard and will do anything to be baptized and come to the truth. I love learling from their testimonies and being edified from their faith. ​The work is hard but good and that is what matters. Thanks for the support and prayers all. Love you.


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