Monday, July 31, 2017

Alejandro Korn Photos

one last leadership counsel! 

taken in the moment :) 

Alejandro Korn

This week was a blast! I have loved my two crazy new comps!! They keep me on my feet for sure! We spend just about every moment laughing our heads off between our street contacts!! :)  My favorite part of the two crazies is how much energy and love they have for the work!  They for sure help me to keep giving it all I have got and to take advantage of every moment! :) 

​This week I also had my last leadership counsel... that was kinda sad for sure! I love that meeting and the Spirit I always feel there. I left that meeting with an understanding that sharing the Gospel with everyone we meet is a daily exercise in faith. We don't know if they are prepared or not, but we just have to have faith in the Lord that there are prepared people in our area and that we will find them if we keep His commandment to open our mouths :) And it is important we exercise this faith every day... just as important as daily physical exercises.

Random side note, for those of you who know me ... physical exercise... not my thing!  But as I have made an effort in the mission to do them every morning, now the mornings when we can't do them for a meeting or cuz we have to travel early or something I feel the difference ALL DAY LONG!!  Without them I am tired and worn out!!  The mission is truly a miracle if it can make me need and even want to exercise haha!  :) ​

It was a fun week teaching my new comps the area! And I loved seeing their faces when they met the ward members!! The country folk here are a little different than the city people and you just have to know how to talk to them!! :) My poor comp almost wet herself crying laughing in dinner with the Bishop´s family :) haha I love Alejandro Korn :) 

Really I just love beinga missionary! I know this is the Lord's work and that He is the head. I know He truly directs this work and I am just so grateful to be one of the workers in the vineyard working alongside my Savior. 

--  Hermana Walker

Thursday, July 27, 2017

More Capital Photos

The church where the Pope gave Mass before he was Pope! 

The church where the Pope gave Mass before he was Pope! 

a giant metal flower.... just a landmark! :) 

Monday, July 24, 2017

Capital, the Temple and the Mission Photos

The Obelisk 

The Colon Theater 

The Boca (a super poor tourist neighborhood famous for it's tin walls painted colors)

Tango !! 

The Boca (a super poor tourist neighborhood famous for it's tin walls painted colors)

A Scary Cemetary! 


Eva Peron´s Tomb

Magali and her daughters (Bianca and Josefina) came to church on Sunday 

The best part of all :) The Temple

My new trio!! Hermana Velasquez (Peru) y Hermana Rivarola (from Cordoba, Argentina)

Ice cream to say goodbye to my only Yankee comp​

Capital, the Temple and the Mission

So transfers came around .... and I will be spending my last few weeks in a trio! It should be a blast! My new companions are Hermana Velsquez from Peru and Hermana Rivarola from Cordoba, Argentina! Two crazy Latins to keep me on my toes! But I think we are gonna get along great! We spent our first night together getting to know each other and laughing a ton! :) 

But I was very sad to see my lovely Yankee compaƱera go! I loved Hermana BIesinger and am very grateful she was my companion!  :) 

​This last week was a good and crazy one! 

Because I am going home in a few weeks I got to go on a tour of the capital city of Buenos Aires and it is actually really pretty! Super different from my mission! ​We got to see the Obelisk and the Colon Theater (stunning) and Evita´s Tomb in a freaky cemetary and a few other touristy sights in the city. It was neat, kinda French style but well a lot newer!! But the next day was MUCH better! when I got to go to the temple!!! :) Oh how I love the temple and the peace and tranquility I feel there. I know that the temple is truly the House of the Lord and I am so grateful that Jesus Christ was willing to sacrifice himself so that we could return to live with our Heavenly Father and our families forever. 

Other events from the week! We made Noquis with our investigator Julia and her sister, Sol. Super yummy and fun! Also wooohooo Magali and her adorable daughters came to church with us! It is amazing the change we have seen in their family. Whenever we have an appointment to pass by, the 5 year old Bianca puts on her Frozen Elsa dress so she can be like us in dresses! And she says the opening prayer everytime! It is a real contrast to when we started visiting them and Bianca was a terror! We could hardly teach! :) 

Also I got news that Victor (the spiritualist in Banfied) got the Melchizedek Priesthood on Sunday :) yeah!! 

​I love the mission and am truly so grateful for the many experiences and opportunities I continue having here in Argentina. ​I love the people so much and I know the Lord has lots more in store for me in these last few weeks! :) 
Hermana Walker

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

I Love Being a Missionary Photos

My intercambio with Hna Lockling!!! 

We are in the process of making Christmas Tree bread.... cuz it is winter here!!  :) ​

I Love Being a Missionary

This wast week flew by, wow! 

Tuesday and Wednesday until Thursday we had comp exchanges!!! I feel bad sometimes I am never with my comp it feels like! But I had some fun intercambios with Hermana Lockling, from Chile, and Hermana Chappel, from Phoenix!! Go Arizona!!! 

Friday we had interviews and Saturday we weren't in our area cuz we helped out with a capilla open house! So basically the week flew! But even when we were running around like chickens with our heads cut off, we were able to have some spiritual experiences! 

We went and taught a lesson to Julia again, the girl who we taught to pray and basically she is super awesome! She has been reading the Book of Mormon and had lots of good questions for us!  And when she said the prayer again at the end of the lesson the Spirit was so strong. It makes me realize how amazing it is that God lets us talk to Him and that He really does hear us. 

Also, something really neat happened in the chappel open house. So in the morning all the missionaries from the Stake went out contacting to invite people to the open house. And while traveling to their assigned zone to contact, a few sisters invited a man on the bus. And a few hours later (when it started pouring) he showed up! The chappel open house started in the chappel with a giant poster of the Christus statue and my comp and I pretended to be Visitors Center Sisters and we welcomed everyone and gave our little spill and then we all listened to the recording of the Saviors words... after our little part everyone learns from other missionaries a bit about the Restoration and then they get shown the baptismal font by 2 elders in all white. And while this man was in the room in the baptismal font with the elders he started asking about how he can get baptized and what he needs to do.... now he has a baptism set for next Saturday. 

Sometimes it amazes me how ready some people can be, and how the Gospel really does change lives. I imagine that man had no idea when he took the bus in the morning that by 4 that afternoon he would be planning his baptism in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. 

The Spirit truly does prepare people. And it helps us missionaries every day. I am very grateful for the Holy Ghost who helps me know what to say, where to go and that helps me in all the moments in between.  I know this is the Lord´s work because I feel His love every day. I love being a missonary- 
Hermana Walker

Monday, July 10, 2017

What a Week!

This week was full of great experiences I will remember forever! 

One, I fell down on my rear end in the mud..... that was fun! :) haha I had to wash everything after! My backpack and skirt and jacket and just about everything! But we just laughed it off - I passed by our apartment to change and we continued working! :) 

This week to celebrate the 4th of July my comp made apple pie for the district. But the real party was on Saturday when we celebrated the 9 de julio, the Independence Day of Argentina. I went to the first ward activity that I have been to in a long time and it was a blast! Plus a ton of less active members came! We ate locro, a typical holiday dish! It is garbanzo beans and maiz pisado and pig stomach and pototaes and squash and luckily the store was out of pig feet!!! Hahaha, but it was yummy! After the Primary danced typical dances and the Stake Pres talked and everyone sang the very long elaborate national anthem and one hermana lip sang to ¨dont cry for me argentina" and it was hilarious!!  A great day!! 

I had two intercambios with new sisters in the mission from Brasil this week! I think I may be speaking a little in portugeus now! But haha they were so excited for the work -  it was contagious!! With one of them while it was raining and there wasn't a soul in the street we pet some horses just casually wandering around! :)

Magali our investigador has been progressing! She is so different now from when we first met her. She seems to have matured 5 years in 5 weeks.... she is reading the Book of Mormon and praying and we just have to figure out how to help her come to church!! Prayers for her and us as her missionaries would be very appreciated! 

We found a new investigator named Julia this week! She is 19 and teaches yoga and is super nice but as we were teaching her we learned that she believes that Jesus was a real man who lived and came to Earth, she didn't really believe in him as the Savior or in God really. We taught her to pray and then to finish the lesson we asked her to give the last prayer and, when she prayed, the Spirit was so strong. I listened to someone for the first time reach out and talk to our Heavenly Father.  It made me so grateful for prayer. I know that in every moment I can reach out and talk with my Maker and that He hears me. I talk to him all day long and to think that Julia had never talked with him before almost broke my heart. But she really liked how she felt when she prayed so hopefully we will be able to help her. 

I am so grateful to be a missionary and be on the Lords errand. He has a perfect plan for every one of us and will always be there for us! And I am grateful for prayer and that my Heavenly Father is there for me. ​

Hermana Walker

What a Week! Photos

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July

well Dad you told me to take a pic if I fell in the mud cuz it would be funny..... here they are!!!  :)

the primary dancing 

with cute Candela, an ex investigator - her dad won't let her get baptized :( 

typical Argentine clothing -  as in traditional, no one uses it now.... well the hats we see.... well sometimes in the country when they ride horses

exchanges with Hna Cautu from Brasil!! 

the ward activity for 9 de julio, independence day 

the ward activity for 9 de julio, independence day 

locro - the traditional Argentine food

the ward activity for 9 de julio, independence day