Monday, May 9, 2016

NEWS ALERT: Argentina is not the USA

So in case any of you who read my letters were wondering... Argentina is absolutly nothing like the good old Estados Unidos (The United States). SORPRESA!!! I know .... shocking. 

So where to start with this week... how about tuesday. :) 
So tuesday I had my first intercambios (exchanges) with the sister trainer leaders (basically the district or zone leaders but of hermanas). So I went to the area of Monte Grande for a full 24 hours with Hna Wilson. It was basically the best 24 hours of my life. So to start... Monte Grande is beautiful and paved and has beautiful trees turning fall colors and the weather was spectacular and so yes... it is super cheta there and I loved it. But what really made the day was Hna. Wilson. She is 22 and has 3 months left in the field and is from New Zealand. So we (obviously) both took advantage of each other and spoke english the entire time because sometimes just for your sanity's sake you need to be able to express yourself in your native tongue. So basically we didn't ever stop talking.... and I could listen to her awesome accent for days! It was great! Also we got a chance to talk about all the things that are just different in Argentina and I thought I would share some with the world:
so we clap at gates, we don't knock doors. and so the other night I woke up to clapping in the middle of the night and I wondered who was clapping outside.... after a few seconds I realized it was just a horse clomping by and I went back to sleep..... just not a normal thing in USA
there are dogs everywhere
the things they feed babies: I know that 1 year olds probs shouldn't drink soda but can't really tell that to people here when I see it can I?
People are openly breastfeeding everywhere.... the poor Elders,,,, 
....(perhaps mom you can add what I say in the voice recordings as well :) )

But all of these differences really make it a mission! and I love it! It has made me so incredibly grateful for the blessings and opportunities I have in my life. I probably never would have gone to Argentina without a mission so I am trying to enjoy every bit of it. 

On Thursday I had my last (and kinda first) interview with President Thurgood. He is just awesome though and I love him. Also I got a letter from my family and a letter from BRAD WILCOX which kinda made me feel like a celeb but its cool :) 

Friday we had a tormenta blanca.... which basically means all the missionaries from the stake descend on one ward and visit all the menos activo families. It was really productive and fun... also I am starting to make friends within the district and zone which is awesome because... friends!! Everyone needs em everywhere :) 

Saturday was amazing. We had a lesson with this engaged couple that was a refenece from a member and Holy cow the spirit was so strong during the lesson. Every single one of us there cried several times and I could feel the Holy Ghost giving me impressions of what to say and do. The spirit was so strong it felt almost like something very heavy was resting on my chest. It was the most amazing thing. Expereinces like that are why I am here sharing my testimony in a country that is not my own where nothing is familiar. It is hard to be a missionary but sometimes we reach out and really change the lives of people and that is incredible.
Talking with my family for Mother's day was incredible to and was a good reminder to me of why I am here. I came on a mission because I know that I can and am going to live with my family forever. Becuase I know this, everything is easier. I don't have to fear death because I willl see them again. I want others to have that same promise and reassurance in their lives. I am so grateful for temples and the promise they give us of forever families. That is why I am a missionary.  

The church is true and families can be together forever! :) I just want to shout it from the rooftops (in castellano of coarse). LOve you all!

​Hermana Walker ​

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