Monday, January 30, 2017


This week I was in Pontevedra, the sketchiest area that exists for Hermanas!! Woo hoo :) It was fun! The good news is that we didn't get robbed :) But a funny moment was in the district meeting when the zone leaders were like, "Elders, they found 2 suit coats with nametags in the shopping center in Catan, who got robbed?"  A funny moment :)  

But anyway.  So I was with Hermana Ochoa from Cordoba, Argentina and Hermana Santos from Brasil!!  And we had a blast!  We worked more than anything with a family of investigators who the kids had a baptismal date on Sunday! We visited them every day to teach them all the lessons and they feel like my little kids! Daniela has 13 years and Dylan has 9 and they are so cute and were so, so excited to get baptized that when we were walking with them and their Mom and the less actives who live next door to them, whose son got baptized too, they were practically running to the chappel :) Love them! 

Also, their little siblings Aaron and Maía are adorable :) Love those little babies. :) Every time we showed up at their door the kids all ran up to us and then ran to get their Books of Mormon and pamphlets to read with us :) Soo cute :) 

We had a ton of success this week in Pontevedra and were able to find 11 new investigators! One was a super Catholic lady, we found a family where 20 people live in one house, and it is craziness, and they are super political. We met the niece and her family of a member and the next door neighbors of the flia pintos ( the less actives whose son got baptized - these same less actives fed us asado on sunday so gotta love that right? ) We had a ton of fun and worked hard. Also the members in Pontevedra are the best. They just got the Hermanas like 6 months ago for the first time forever in the Stake (cuz it is sketchy) and so they love us to death :) 

Honestly I loved my week in Pontevedra! I was able to help the hermanitas understand how to help out their investigators more efficiently.
Also in the  news we had a worldwide training broadcast from the Lago Salado and sounds like we are gonna have some changes in the schedule, we will see what happens there! 

Next week I am gonna be with the lovely Hna Hernandez otra vez (aka my BEST FRIEND ) :) wooo hoo so excited :) 

I love the mission people :) I hope it is obvious :) Hey so go read the Book of Momron cuz that book changes the lives of everyone who reads it looking for answers and willing to act on them. I have seen it in my life and the lives of so many people here it is incredible. Until next week :) 
Hermana Walker

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