Monday, February 6, 2017

Paltas, Pizzas and PARTY :)

So this last week was super fun!
I was in the area of Luis Guillon with my favorite hermana in the world, HERMANA HERNANDEZ!!!  En serio, I love that girl to death :) 

And we had fun with her companion Hermana Biesinger :) It was Herman Biesinger's birthday which was fun! I got to eat her cake and celebrate my birthday too :) But while we were working super hard we had a ton of fun. I can't send the photos this week but for next week you will get them :) 

I met a dog who loves Hna Hernandez and holds her hand with his mouth.  We found a pair of puppies stranded on the side of the street on Monday, and, well we couldn't just leave them there with their box of chocolate cookies so we put them in their box and showed up at a members house with 2 dogs and they just looked at us like we were crazy and told us no way josé, but in the end after a few hours contacting people with puppies in tail someone took them in :) 

What other craziness... we found a palta tree (avocados) and well we couldn't just not pick some right? But it was kinda super hard to reach them cuz they were super high up so the two of them lifted me up, I put my feet in their hands and they boosted me on top of an electirc box and we finished the day with paltas and it was fabulous :) 

Other fun stuff, we had a pizza party to celebrate our birthdays : ) Basically we had a super fun week and I LOVED being with Hermana Herndez cuz she is the best and we made goofy jokes and faces all week and I have missed her! :) And I felt like I was able to help each hermana in some personal problems they have been having. A successful week :) 

But hey, today is my birthday and guess what gift I got....???!!  Well besides a million letters from my family and an awesome package ........... I GOT A NEW COMPANION!!!! :) we are still traveling missionaries, but now I am gonna have a comp and we will be able to do splits with the Sisters and help out even more!  It should be great :)  Her name in Hermana Abate Daga and she is from Cordoba, Argentina and has 14 months in the mission! So yeah! Should be an interesting transfer :) 

I love being a missionary and, guess what, I am back in Banfield 2 this week! Lets go ! :)

I know the Church is true and that our Heavenly Father loves each and every one of us more than we can even imagine. And so much is possible through his son Jesus Christ.  Every one of us has different strengths and different challenges. And we should not judge or compare ourselves. Because God loves all of us the same and has a different expectation of every one.  All we should do is love others and help them on their journey. And they help us out on the way :) 

Isn't life just the best? :) 

I'm happy to be a missionary and happy to be alive :) Until next week :)

Hermana Walker 

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