Monday, January 16, 2017

Alejandro Korn

So this week I was in Alejandro Korn with Hermana Villavicencio and Hermana Moreta. Hna Villavicencio is from Chile and has about oh.... 3 weeks left in the mission. And Hna Moreta is from Ecuador, but lives in Spain and has about 2 months in the mission so that was fun :) I learned a lot from both of them. They had been having a few problems between them and with the ward, so we worked super hard all week to gain the bishop's confidence and get the two of them working together!  And at the end of the week we all felt like we had success :) 

It was super fun to work in an area that is country. Lots of bikes. The first two days I didn't have a bike so I rode on the back of one of the hermanas bikes, but with unpaved roads, that was super uncomfortable and so yeah, the elders were kind enough to find us a members bike that I could use!  

But, I will never forget my first day in Korn when half an hour after I arrived we had a lesson super far away and we got on the bikes to go and I was on the back and then one of the worst storms I have seen started and we were all just caught surprised in the rain and it hurt, this rain, and on bikes and we got to the investigators house and he lent us coats and towels and we taught by the candle light! :) 

I love living in Argentina cuz it is like living 30 years back in time :) 
Another moment from this week is when we were teaching an investigator who wants to get baptized but has to get married first (story of basically every investigator in this mission I swear) but she was telling us she was gonna get married in the Catholic Church and we were all super confused trying to understand what was going on when suddenly it dawned on me that she just wanted the movie scene. She wants to walk down the aisle and have the dress and not just sign a paper with a judge and bueno we explained that we can have a ceremony in the chappel and etc.. but it was a weird moment for me cuz it dawned on me that at some point in time, my childhood dream (and I think the dream of every little girl) of a wedding like that changed. For me there could be nothing more beautiful than being sealed forever in a Temple of the Lord. The rest is just fluffy stuff. So that was a moment. 

We taught a ward FHE night and had the elders crying cuz we shared the story of the wimmicks and you are special and their moms read it to them as kids and so they cried... oh and we cut out dots and starts before the activity to demonstrate before reading the  story. 

Wow, I apologize, this email and my English is a wreck :) 
But yeah :) anyway it was a good week :)

Oh also I had interviews with the Presidente and he basically told me that I will probably spend the large majority, if I don't finish my mission as a traveler so that's fun and also that hopefullly soon I will have a comp!! :) We will see what happens :) 

Also this week we worked a lot with the Book of Mormon and it was amazing to see the power that book has. We set a goal to give a certain number of Books of Mormon and as we offered them to basically everyone it was neat to see even people that were atheist accept the book excited to read it. And as we as missionaries testify, the spirit is never stronger than when we testify about the power of the Book of Mormon in our lives. We know it has helped us in our hard times. I know the Book of Mormon is what has sustained me in my moments in Gethsemane, and even though I may not be passing through the trials of many of the people I meet, I KNOW that the Libro de Mormón has the power to console, comfort, strengthen, correct and sustain through the trials. For those reading this email who may be passing through trials, read the book. I Promise it has the power to help. 
Hermana Walker

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