Tuesday, July 18, 2017

I Love Being a Missionary

This wast week flew by, wow! 

Tuesday and Wednesday until Thursday we had comp exchanges!!! I feel bad sometimes I am never with my comp it feels like! But I had some fun intercambios with Hermana Lockling, from Chile, and Hermana Chappel, from Phoenix!! Go Arizona!!! 

Friday we had interviews and Saturday we weren't in our area cuz we helped out with a capilla open house! So basically the week flew! But even when we were running around like chickens with our heads cut off, we were able to have some spiritual experiences! 

We went and taught a lesson to Julia again, the girl who we taught to pray and basically she is super awesome! She has been reading the Book of Mormon and had lots of good questions for us!  And when she said the prayer again at the end of the lesson the Spirit was so strong. It makes me realize how amazing it is that God lets us talk to Him and that He really does hear us. 

Also, something really neat happened in the chappel open house. So in the morning all the missionaries from the Stake went out contacting to invite people to the open house. And while traveling to their assigned zone to contact, a few sisters invited a man on the bus. And a few hours later (when it started pouring) he showed up! The chappel open house started in the chappel with a giant poster of the Christus statue and my comp and I pretended to be Visitors Center Sisters and we welcomed everyone and gave our little spill and then we all listened to the recording of the Saviors words... after our little part everyone learns from other missionaries a bit about the Restoration and then they get shown the baptismal font by 2 elders in all white. And while this man was in the room in the baptismal font with the elders he started asking about how he can get baptized and what he needs to do.... now he has a baptism set for next Saturday. 

Sometimes it amazes me how ready some people can be, and how the Gospel really does change lives. I imagine that man had no idea when he took the bus in the morning that by 4 that afternoon he would be planning his baptism in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. 

The Spirit truly does prepare people. And it helps us missionaries every day. I am very grateful for the Holy Ghost who helps me know what to say, where to go and that helps me in all the moments in between.  I know this is the Lord´s work because I feel His love every day. I love being a missonary- 
Hermana Walker

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