Monday, July 24, 2017

Capital, the Temple and the Mission

So transfers came around .... and I will be spending my last few weeks in a trio! It should be a blast! My new companions are Hermana Velsquez from Peru and Hermana Rivarola from Cordoba, Argentina! Two crazy Latins to keep me on my toes! But I think we are gonna get along great! We spent our first night together getting to know each other and laughing a ton! :) 

But I was very sad to see my lovely Yankee compaƱera go! I loved Hermana BIesinger and am very grateful she was my companion!  :) 

​This last week was a good and crazy one! 

Because I am going home in a few weeks I got to go on a tour of the capital city of Buenos Aires and it is actually really pretty! Super different from my mission! ​We got to see the Obelisk and the Colon Theater (stunning) and Evita´s Tomb in a freaky cemetary and a few other touristy sights in the city. It was neat, kinda French style but well a lot newer!! But the next day was MUCH better! when I got to go to the temple!!! :) Oh how I love the temple and the peace and tranquility I feel there. I know that the temple is truly the House of the Lord and I am so grateful that Jesus Christ was willing to sacrifice himself so that we could return to live with our Heavenly Father and our families forever. 

Other events from the week! We made Noquis with our investigator Julia and her sister, Sol. Super yummy and fun! Also wooohooo Magali and her adorable daughters came to church with us! It is amazing the change we have seen in their family. Whenever we have an appointment to pass by, the 5 year old Bianca puts on her Frozen Elsa dress so she can be like us in dresses! And she says the opening prayer everytime! It is a real contrast to when we started visiting them and Bianca was a terror! We could hardly teach! :) 

Also I got news that Victor (the spiritualist in Banfied) got the Melchizedek Priesthood on Sunday :) yeah!! 

​I love the mission and am truly so grateful for the many experiences and opportunities I continue having here in Argentina. ​I love the people so much and I know the Lord has lots more in store for me in these last few weeks! :) 
Hermana Walker

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