Monday, July 31, 2017

Alejandro Korn

This week was a blast! I have loved my two crazy new comps!! They keep me on my feet for sure! We spend just about every moment laughing our heads off between our street contacts!! :)  My favorite part of the two crazies is how much energy and love they have for the work!  They for sure help me to keep giving it all I have got and to take advantage of every moment! :) 

​This week I also had my last leadership counsel... that was kinda sad for sure! I love that meeting and the Spirit I always feel there. I left that meeting with an understanding that sharing the Gospel with everyone we meet is a daily exercise in faith. We don't know if they are prepared or not, but we just have to have faith in the Lord that there are prepared people in our area and that we will find them if we keep His commandment to open our mouths :) And it is important we exercise this faith every day... just as important as daily physical exercises.

Random side note, for those of you who know me ... physical exercise... not my thing!  But as I have made an effort in the mission to do them every morning, now the mornings when we can't do them for a meeting or cuz we have to travel early or something I feel the difference ALL DAY LONG!!  Without them I am tired and worn out!!  The mission is truly a miracle if it can make me need and even want to exercise haha!  :) ​

It was a fun week teaching my new comps the area! And I loved seeing their faces when they met the ward members!! The country folk here are a little different than the city people and you just have to know how to talk to them!! :) My poor comp almost wet herself crying laughing in dinner with the Bishop´s family :) haha I love Alejandro Korn :) 

Really I just love beinga missionary! I know this is the Lord's work and that He is the head. I know He truly directs this work and I am just so grateful to be one of the workers in the vineyard working alongside my Savior. 

--  Hermana Walker

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