Monday, July 3, 2017

Hermana Hernandez

This last week was a crazy one but a good one! :) My comp and I are working hard and talking with lots of people trying to find those ready to accept the gospel!! And in the meantime we are working with lots of other really great people, we started teaching a lady from the Caribbean the other day who is super open and accepting! 

I had two fun days this week! I got to spend a day with a new hermana in the mission from Salvador (a super tiny country in Central America).  We spent all day tracting in the cold and then when we got home ready to just be warm... the power went out haha but it was fun!

Also, I got to spend a GLORIOUS 24 hours with my best friend ever Hermana Hernandez!! Oh how I miss her! Being back with her felt so natural! I love her so much.  Haha, we had a flashback to the good old times - lunch of hamburgers and ice cream - and while we weren't teaching crazy investigatos about the gift of tongues (and how we don't believe in the just screaming unintelligably that lots of churches here do) and teaching the ward FHE night we were caught up and just enjoyed being together again! We cried when it came time to say goodbye... cuz it may very well be our last time together in Argentina! Gonna miss that crazy! :) 

Hopefully I'll be able to make lots more memories and help lots in the time I have left!  I love serving the Lord and helping his children here in Argentina! 

photo: Hna Martinez from Salvador

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