Monday, May 29, 2017

Then Sings My Soul…

Then Sings My Soul…

So this week was kinda crazy to say the least and I kinda had a different companion every day, but it is all good!

As far as investigators go, we had our ups and downs this week.  One lady, Cipriania, we found after she just disappeared for a few days and it turns out she was in the hospital.  She has problems in 1 lung and is using an oxygen tank and now her other lung is gonna give out it looks like.  The doctors don’t giver her much hope.  And she hasn’t even told her family, except her oldest son.  We were able to share with her the Plan of Salvation and it helped her feel more at peace.  It is a privilege sometimes to be able to see how the Gospel brings peace to troubled souls.  

We also found a cute new little family of investigators.  Ricardo and Claudidina and their 10 month old baby.  They have been having some problems and want to strengthen their relationship and came on Thursday to a ward lunch activity to celebrate a patriotic day and they came on Sunday too.  We hope to help them find the happiness they are looking for, we knew the gospel is the best way to be happy.

In an intercambio I had with Hermana Renzia, from Ecuador, we found a really neat lady.  She is pentecostal but really humble and wants to do what God wants.  But it was really interesting when she gave the last prayer cuz she kinda started ‘speaking in tongues’ so yeah…. but she is super buena!

The best part of this week is when I found and remembered a very big part of me…. making music.  In a few weeks our mission is going to be visited by a seventy and so a musical number needs to be put together - and I get to participate!  So for a few hours this week I was with a bunch of music nerds, singing and playing the piano and making music!  And it was amazing.  I was able to feel again the joy that music brings me.  And I rediscovered my love for making music - it was like a sleeping part of who I am woke up again and it was beautiful!

I am so very grateful for my Heavenly Father for the many opportunities he gives me to uplift others, be it though words or music.  And I am thankful of my earthly parents who have helped me and supported me so much to be able to take advantage of every opportunity.  Parents are the best :)  Nothing has made me realize that more than the mission.

Hermana Walker

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