Monday, May 22, 2017

Insanity Returned to My Life

Insanity Returned to My Life

This week was crazy and draining and just a whirlwind!  Whoop here we go.  This week the traveling sister missionaries came to visit us.  Just when I was used to and loving the tranquility of living 2 in an apartment and having everything in it’s place the craziness came back to haunt me.  Haha, so it wasn’t that bad but it made me very grateful that I am no longer traveling. 

Basically lots of crazy stuff happened this week and I just don’t even know where to begin so I’ll just share a few experiences to sum up the week.

I had comp exchanges with my ‘grand-daughter’ (the Hermana I trained, trained her)  Hermana Barlow, and she is training now!  Which makes me a ‘great grandma!” 

On the way home from intercambios I had one of those movie moments - we were walking in the rain under my umbrella when suddenly a giant collective passed by and totally completely soaked me with water in the street gutters.  It was just lovely.  And then about 10 minutes later walking to the church I stepped on a tile that wasn’t cemented and it splashed me and I was just done and let it out with 2 loud shouts as we were walking to the church and well apparently - to my embarrassment - everybody in the church heard it - the Bishop, the Elders and their investigator, and the Sociedad de Socors sewing ponchos for the Primary !Que verguenza! 

The next day a car splashed me again - but this time with mud, I don’t think I’m very lucky.

But oh well.  After lunch with Hermana Rita, Hermana Menezes and I headed to our part of the area to work, and as we were crossing the train tracks a man started following us and Hermana Menezes got spooked cuz she had a bad experience last week, so we started walking fast but he kept following us, so we decided to clap a door so that it looked like someone was expecting us so he would go away.  So we clapped the first door we saw, and out walks a little kid I recognized but I didn’t know from where, so I awkwardly asked his name and Hermana Menezes recognized him as a little kid who had been in the NDH last night!  So we asked him how long he has been coming to church and last night was his first time!  So as it was dawning on us that he was a potential investigator, he asked us if we had remembered him and passed by on purpose or if we were just in the area and stopped by… and we just super awkwardly were like ‘yeah…’  Haha we didn’t even know he lived there!  It was too funny.  But we set a cita with him at 5 in the house of Hermana Rita to teach him.  Too funny.  After we couldn’t even believe it  - the Lord works in weird ways.  :)

After church was one of the most beautiful baptismal services I have ever attended, for Dionel.  He is from Haiti and his first language is French and he is kinda crippled - one leg is a lot shorter than the other and he is amazing.  He is currently living in a foster-community home type place run by the Catholic church so everyone was worried if he got baptized that he might get kicked out, but he told the Elders and the Bishop that it didn’t matter if he was homeless, that he would be happier in good standing with God.  The service was so spiritual and sweet.  A memorable experience.  Also to celebrate my comps 13 month mark we made homemade root beer and root beer floats today.  It has been so long :)  So that was fun. 

Basically just a normal week in the life of a missionary :)  Gotta love it :)

- Hermana Walker

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