Monday, May 1, 2017

Ezeiza: an ending where it all started

Ezeiza: an ending where it all started

This was a good week, and it marked an ending for me.  It was my last week as a traveling missionary.  It has been a fun, crazy last few months visiting the areas of the hermanas, but all good things come to an end, to make way for even BETER things! :)  I am super excited for what this next transfer holds in store, but bueno,  let’s start with this last week first.

It was amazing to be back in Ezeiza.  I love that area with all my heart.  And I love the people in the area.  It was great to be able to see the members and less actives I love.  And the VERY, VERY best part is that one of the investigators a million other missionaries and I worked with, Felipa, FINALLY got married and baptized and she is so happy and different now and calls herself a Daughter of God and I am so, so, so very happy for her!  I love her so much.  Really I can’t describe how wonderful it was to be back in Ezezia walking the streets I had memorized and hugging the sisters I loved in that area.  Also I found out this week that Victor, my little converted spiritualist from Banfield 2 is attending every week an adult institute class!  I am a very happy missionary this week.

And I am very very excited for this next transfer.  I am going to have an area again and it is a GREAT area!  I will be serving in the ward of Alejandro Korn.  It is a country area, lots of fields and grass and trees (and mosquitos) and lots of really nice people.  SO I am super excited for that!  And hey check it out - I am going to have my first Yankee companion.  My new lovely comp is Hermana Biesinger, she is from New York and has a giant family and is the oldest like me.  And bueno, I don’t know too much about her but she loves to bake treats (like my lovely sister Emily, who I have missed, and her treats, dearly).  Currently she is making an apple pie, obviously I am going to suffer this transfer ;)

But for real I am SUPER excited for these next few months, it is likely that I will pass the rest of my time here in Korn and the idea makes me super excited!  I am ready to work a lot!! I hope everyone at home has as great a week as I’m gonna have.  And hey, shoutout to my lovely sister Sara who turns 11 this week!  I love you Sunshine! :)

-Hermana Walker

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