Monday, May 8, 2017

A. Korn

This week… well I really suffered in my new area and with this change.  Monday my comp made snickerdoodles and I had to help her, what a pain.  Tuesday for my first lunch in my new area the cute little member made us tacos instead of the pasta I’m acustumbrado to.  Okay so if it isn’t already obvious, I haven’t suffered at all.  In fact the opposite.  I think I am in Heaven.  Not only do we have lunch every day (and very rarely it’s pasta!!) but just about every other day someone invites us over for dinner too!!!  It is awesome!  My comp is awesome too, super obedient and super nice and it is kinda awesome living with another Yankee.  We have the same standards of clean and we like the same music and we can listen to General Conference talks in English together and we are working super hard and we are super focused and happy.  Life is good!

This week my comp has been helping me to learn the area and meet all our investigators.  We have lots of investigators who are little kids, usually kids of inactive members and we have been trying really hard to work more with their parents so they can get permission to be baptized.  We haven’t been too successful with this, lots of hard hearted parents and it is super sad to have to leave behind the cute little kids because of the choices of their padres.

Thursday was kinda a crazy day.  In the afternoon we had a first lesson set up with a new investigator.  And so we got there about 30 minutes late and we clapped our hands outside the gate, and Elisabeth came out and let us in and as she led us into her backyard telling us that she has been studying lots of religions trying to get a big picture and we were just like, oh okay cool.  And then we walk into the backyard and there seated at the table were the Jehovah’s Witnesses… haha the looks on their faces probably mirrored ours.  They told us they were almost done with their message (luckily we arrived late to the appointment :) ) so they read, and we read a little with them from the Bible and we let them finish in peace.  Haha and then when Elisabeth started arguing she can worship God from home and that she doesn’t need to go to church all 4 of us teamed up against to tell her it is a commandment and important to go to church.  Haha the theme was basically, them or us but si a si you have to go to church.  It was funny.  When they left we shared a short message mainly testifying of the Book of Mormon and inviting her to read and pray.  So that was a funny experience!

Friday in our leadership council we basically studied the talk from the April Ensign of “The War Continues”, it is super good and you should read it if you haven’t already.  It teaches about Satan’s strategies and how to combat them.

Saturday we had a fun little miracle.  We went to a recently activated sisters house for lunch, that lives in our area.  And as we were finishing eating she asks us if she needs to call the Elders so they can teach her 9 year old son so he can be baptized and we were like, uh no!  We can do that!!! So woo hoo next Sunday we should have a beautiful little baptismal service for Fabian.  He is a cute little kid and pays lots of attention when we teach him, even with his siblings (he is one of 12) bothering him.

So yeah, basically life is good here in A. Korn!  I am happy and working and having fun and hope to keep up the good momentum! :)

—Hermana Walker

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