Monday, October 17, 2016

The Week We Died

So this week has been a really, really, really long one to say the least. So Tuesday after District Meeting I had my first intercambio as capacitadora with Hermana Salazar. She just arrived in the mission field a week before and she is 26 and from Chubut Argentina. We had a really good intercambio. She was struggling a bit cuz her comp is kinda shy and so she didn't feel like she was talking to as many people as she wanted to, so we had an animo pep talk and then we left in the morning and street contacted a ton and it went amazingly well with her! We met a bunch of people with lots of interest (not a single one lives in my area, but hey the Lord works in weird ways right?) and one of them even gave us a big bottle of grapefruit soda, which is really common here and delicious, and it went super well. But it also kinda wore me out, I had to help her and run my area and it was super hot which really drains you so I was ready for a break, right..... BUT NOPE :) 

Next stop, Aldo Bonzi, an hour and a half bus ride away for my intercambio with Hna McBride.

It went well too, we met a bunch of people, set an appointment to go back with a testigo de Jehova and had lunch and all good up to this point right? :) She is pretty new and the mission and still really struggles with Spanish so I helped her out with some study tips and pronunciation practice and then we had something they call a tormenta blanca here (basically white storm) So what happens in these things is a ton of missionaries (mostly elderes in white shirts thus the white) all go to one ward for a few hours to work their tails off to help out a struggling area. So with Hna McBride we went then to Ciudad Evita 2 to have a tormenta blanca there and we did divisions and I went with Hna. Ochoa and we worked our tails off and ran around like crazy people to contact more people! 

To say the least by the end of the day I was wiped and ready for a bus ride home to my comp who is basically my best friend ever, but the other capacitadora showed up and was like no we are gonna camp in their pench today cuz we didn't pay and now my pench doesn't have light or water and I just wanted to go home to my comp but we all 4 slept the night in Aldo Bonzi and then got up early to go back home to Banfield 2 and my comp.... so by now I am really tired and ready for a break right? But wait there is more :) We show up at my apt. and the other capacitadoras comp is super sick in my bed with a fever and my comp looks drained too and well they leave all sick and she tells me all that went down while we were apart and basically just a lot of drama with other hermanas and lots of health problems and that the elders told us to pack our bags we will be moving out of the kitchen soon and.. exhaustion to a new level :)
Then we had a nice day of rest, we went and had a lesson with the Bishop and one of our investigators who read the internet looking for reasons NOT to believe in the Book of Mormon so we just tried our hardest not to fight with him and just bore our testimonies. But he really was just looking to fight with us not to change so that was hard. But we just kept going with our day :) It had rained SUPER hard in the morning so we left all bundled up against the rain right, but then by 3 there wasn't a cloud in the sky and it was SUPER hot so to cool off we filled our rain boots with water and walked around with little swamps in our feet and it was quite pleasant :) haha #whatyougonnado 

Sunday in the morning was great too. We got to church in the morning and it just felt like coming home. We walked in and it was Mother's Day here (I LOVE YOU MOM :)) so there were flowers for the women and we had made little cards for all our ¨moms¨ in the ward and we knew everyone and we just felt super good :)  I think the Lord knew we needed that little break after everything and before everything that he was about to send our way! So after church we headed back to our kitchen home and packed all our bags to move, the elders came to bring our stuff and we went to the new apt. dropped off our stuff and the Elders were like we gotta go so we let them and went to a ward meeting and then we came back to unpack and settle in right.... and so many problems, no hot water, no water filter to drink, the fridge doesn't work and we have food, and just a ton of things and at the end of a hard week it was a bit too much for us.

So naturally we were ready for a break pday..... hahaha no. So we left in the morning to go shopping for food and a broom and a few other necessities like toilet paper we hadn't had and we got back and found that the lock we had closed, the key was COMPLETELY STRIPPED. So we kinda lost it there in the hallway crying cuz we couldn't get into the pench to put our milk in the fridge that didn't work..... we went to the place that rents to us, went to the bank to get money, called a locksmith, called our district leader who helped us out a ton (felt bad because for our fault they cancelled the district activity of bowling) and basically I am here now writing this letter very very tired emotionally and physically. BUT HEY It is all okay because the Lord already knows.

Today in the morning in my peronal study on the floor cuz #nodesk I was reading Our Search for Happiness by Elder Ballard and there is a part that was talking about missionaries and exhorted people if they want to know if the church is true to follow the missionaries for a few hours. Because we are literally supported by the hand of the Lord. I know I couldn't take so much rejection and hardship and responsibility and I just couldn't be a missionary unless I KNEW without a shadow of a doubt that this is the true church and that I am on the Lord´s Errand. I KNOW IT. I know it and it gives me the strength to push onward. I know the Lord supports me, knew what I read this morning I needed to read to remind me that I KNOW this is true. I know that nothing in life will ever bless me as much as the gospel. I love the Lord and while being the Lord's servant isn't easy I love it. 

From the other side of the world,

Hermana Walker

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