Monday, October 24, 2016

Helping Others

This week was a really good one! My comp and I were able to settle into our new apartment and it turned out nice :) On Wednesday I had a Leadership Meeting, so all the Capacitadoras (Sister Training Leaders) and the Zone Leaders went and had a reunion with Presidente Calquin. More than anything we brainstormed ideas for how we are going to use the new Christmas campaign of the Church this year in our proselyting efforts! I am super excited! President ordered so many pass along cards that we are really gonna have to up our game to pass them all out, and I am excited! It really got me animated to help others!! We tried to think super creatively and it was super fun! It reminded me of a story in the biblia I studied about Gideon! He had to fight a huge army with few people and how did he do it?? Creatively! With lights and trumpets! :) We are excited to think outside of the box and really mark our presence here in Buenos Aires ;)  

We also had our interviews with President this week and it was a good opportunity to share with him how I see the mission and what it is that I see that we need to change!  He is a really good guy and really wants to help us as missionaries. He sees the potential in us that sometimes we don't see and that is inspiring! :) 

 Our area is definitely one of the hardest in the mission but we find joy in every day. We had one day where we ended up with more Libros (Books) de Mormon in our backpacks than when we went out cuz some investigators dropped us but we had pastries for dinner so ya know :) balance :) 
Also our favorite Menos Activa (less active) gave us lunch! 92 year old Lujarda! She told us she woke up in the morning and didn't know what to cook so she said a prayer and Heavenly Father gave her the idea for something rica! (delicious) It was delicious! She is so cute and we have hope that really soon she will come to church !! :) 

We are super pumped to ponernos pilas (use our batteries)  this week and find a ton of new people to teach and would love the help of some prayers!! Thanks for all the support ! 

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