Monday, October 10, 2016

October 10

So this week was a pretty good one as far as weeks go! I learned how dang powerful the Book of Mormon is and how to cook beans and that my comp is my favorite person on earth (but we already knew that right?) 

So let´s start with the Book of Mormon, so yesterday we went and tried to get an appointment with Maximiliano and we ended up just talking outside and he was just throwing all these questions and Bible verses at us and so finally I just pulled out the Book of Mormon and was like, okay so look, you have a LOT of questions. But this Book has ALL the answers so you have to read it and then ask God if it is true and he kinda ignored me and was like yeah but nowhere in the Bible does it say the sacrament is symbolically the body of Christ, it is literal.... and I just opened up to good old Moroni and the sacrament prayer and read it and BAM! answer! and his doubts and beliefs about infant baptism Moroni 8! It is all there in the Book of Mormon. We weren't fighting but just testifying of what we know. I KNOW the Book of Mormon is true, so while I may not know the docrtinal answer to everything, I have that. And I could testify to Maxi that, I know the Book of Mormon is true and he can know too, and it was super cool cuz after that he was just left a little stunned and said he would read some more so that was cool.

Also we made tacos!! Without meat but hey #notime and #nomoney :) gotta love the mission :) but it was super yummy! We had a party with all 4 of us in the pench all this week :) wooo hoo:)
Also we got to do service for a recent convert in her garden that was a mess and that was super fun! Because SPRING IS HERE ;) and there are so many pretty flowers here :) I have to restrain myself from taking pictures of EVERYTHING :) 

Also good news our health has been pretty good! NO more trips to the hospital for us! Although I did wake up one day with a sore throught and had a super low voice for 3 days and my comp kept calling me Elder Walker, isn't she funny!  

What else did we do this week?  We had to go start my comps visa paperwork.... and..... we basically just worked really hard trying to find a new investigador and found one WOOHOO!! He believes his little Evangelica church is the true church but we challenged him to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it and while he is skeptical he said he would do it so yeah! 

Oh, also Florencia, our investigador is buenisimo!!! Holy cow we gave her a Book of Mormon and explained what it was and how she can know for herself if it is from God and then in her prayer she was thanking God for us and for the Book that was important for her and ahhhh!! so tender! Love being a missionary :) its the best :)

I love you all! Abrazos y besos 

Hna Walker

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