Monday, October 3, 2016

Hey There is A Prophet!!! :)

Okay wow, so lots to say this week so that is fun! So first off today is the first day of a new transfer which means changes but luckily Hna Hernandez and I are staying together wooohoooo!!!!! ARIZONA AND MEXICO FOR THE WIN!!!! But there is a little twist! I get to be a capacitadora! (Sister Training Leader) so basically I am in charge of 2 zones worth of hermanas and get to go on lots of intercambios these next weeks! That will be interesting!! 

So we saw lots of miracles this week, the first one was last Monday when we had to buy lots of food for the week and it was the end of the month and we had NO money and I am seriously not kidding we were scared to death we weren't gonna have enough but we had a miracle in the vegetable shop and only spent half of what we planned and even bought extra things and it was a beautiful miracle and we honestly don't know how that happened! 

Then we had a pday of hermanas with the zone because there is nothing to do here on pdays and made tacos :) without meat and using empanada shells as tortillas but hey, almost. 

HAHA, so this is great, so we get to the pench Tuesday in the night and my comps nose starts bleeding right? And I was like, oh no big deal, and my comp super chill told me I think we are gonna go to the hospital and I just laughed right... okay so 20 minutes later when her nose was spewing blood like a faucet and I was getting scared we called Hna Calquin (the Mission President's wife) to see what she should do and she is like, oh hnas that is normal just relax, and then my comp started throwing up blood and I majorly started loosing my cool and started yelling in the phone, she is throwing up blood, she is throwing up blood and Hna Calquin freaked out and was like call a taxi and go to the hospital and I by that point was already running downstairs to where live some members with a car to take us to the hospital. 

So we went to the hospital, they put something up her nose to stop it and told us 2 days of rest and NO sun they don't know what is wrong but welcome to the Argentina health care system! ;) ..... so we died of boredom in the pench (apartment) for 2 days. We watched the Restoration video in english, spanish, portuges... I washed clothes for like 5 hours (I am not exaggerating people) cuz i had let it pile up and needed to wash all my winter stuff and so yeah.... super fun stuff! 

When we FINALLY got to leave the pension and get back to work we found an awesome investigator Friday, she works in a super cheta shop of prada suits, one day some elders went in there to buy .... who knows what and they talked to her and she was super interested! And so we went to visit her cuz she is in our area and we were talking with her and we asked; do you believe there are prophets today like in the bible times, and she was like yeah,  but I don't think many people know where they are, and we were like ¨well we do and you aren't gonna bleieve it but just this weekend they are gonna talk to the world in a semiannual conference!¨ and then her eyes got super big and she quickly asked ¨TODAY?¨ and we said no, tomorrow and she just kinda jumped in surprise and was like, √Ź knew I talked to the those boys for something, I need more Christ in my life and thought maybe you guys had a message but now I am gonna hear directly from the prophet and we were like, ¨YEAH!!!  Isn't that just the coolest thing ever¨ haha we were happy giddy :) because for real there is a prophet on the earth and he talked to us this weekend and not everyone knows that and we get to share it :)

This experience made my favorite conference talk the first one by Elder Uchtdorf, about how marvelous is the restored gospel. We have Gods full plan, new scriptures, continuing revelation, prophets and so many other amazing blessings and there are people in the world that don't know about it! A moment especially cool was getting to hear President Monson speak, as he spoke I just got the strongest feeling come over me that he truly is the prophet of God on the earth today. Hearing him bear testimony of the Savior (in english which was fabulous) was powerful. 

And how cool is it that I have the opportunity to share my testimony of the Savior and of these things with the people here in Buenos Aires :) I love my life :) 

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