Monday, October 31, 2016

Nazis, Kisses and One Surprise More

So this week was a pretty good one over all. We worked hard as always and it is starting to heat up here and we are starting to bake a little bit but woooohooo :) its all good :)

I had intercambios with Hermana Ochoa and that was pretty fun but her area is kinda far so lots of time traveling which isn't fun but oh well. I learned a lot from her and we were able to see some little miracles in our day. 

So some interesting stories to share....

We met a Nazi... WOOOOHOOO. We rang a doorbell looking for a contact and this man came out and just yelled at us...¨hey are you guys jehovas witnesses??¨ and we were like, ¨no....¨and he as like, ¨oh okay good cuz I would want to kill you if you were, my grandpa was with Hitler and he killed Jews and I kill Jews too.¨ ....... and so basically we said goodbye and ran away quickly..... haha the people you meet on the mission... Argentina kills me :) 

Also I got a kiss.... it was terrible. So my comp and I started contacted some people on the street and there were 3 of them so I started talking to a couple and my comp started talkingto this old guy- the people I was talking to, cute little oldies, were kinda interested so we set an appointment to come back y todo of that jazz. Meanwhile my comp was talking to the man who just hates the United States and wanted to fight. Anyway I said goodbye to my contacts and turned to say goodbye to her contact and he was coming at me going in for the kiss right... which is totally normal, I probably have to dodge about 10 kisses a day and I am a pro right? You just stick out your hand and pretend you are doing the limbo and move your head way out of reach and beg ¨with the hand with the hand we are missionaries¨ but man was this little oldie determined I have my hand outstretched practically bent over backwards to avoid him but he just kept coming in for it, so by this point I am shoving him aways with my arm right but he just hugged me and got a kiss on my chin and then let me go... it was terrible. But hey ... Argentina right? :)

So this area is one of the hardest in the mission. People in Buenos Aires are kinda just a closed off people, and when they have money, even more so. Our area has money to say the least so lots of people don't feel like they need anything more in their life. Sometimes in this area we go out and work all day and come back home and we had no lessons, everyone we talked to didn't want anything to do with us and it is kinda hard but overall we have a super good attitude. We just grin and bear it with a laugh. But sometimes it is nice too to see the fruits or get a little recognition for what you do, right? Like our whole district in district meeting is like we have  baptisms this week and we are like... we are still looking for an investigator but its all good. So that has been hard these last months on my comp and I. 

To illustrate, we went and rang the doorbell of a man Friday and he was busy but we invited him to church and a fireside of investigators and he said maybe the fireside and we told him we would pass by to look for him before the meeting, right? So anyway we pass by Sunday and noone answered the door and maybe that should disappoint me but we were just like okay, lets go to the fireside. We are just kinda used to rejection I guess :) so we get to the firside which is all the missionaries in the zone, like 30 and their investigators and recent converts, so not a ton of people mostly missionaries honestly, and we had a recent convert with us which was good cuz we felt like we had someone at least, right? :) and we are just sitting there in this q and a type fireside and suddenly this man pipes up from the back, "Hi I´m Andres and I got here late cuz the chicas passed by for me but I was showering but I came." And then he saw us and pointed at us and was like there they are and we just smiled and waved at him. But holy cow, we felt so good to have just a little success here. And the whole zone saw it and know how hard our zone is so they congratulated us and were happy for us and it was just ..... a really good moment. My comp and I celebrated with popcorn :) 

I have learned that the mission is super hard for LOTS of reasons I didn't think would be hard, but I have also learned that the joy you feel in the mission.... is indescribable. I am so happy to be a missionary. It is hard and sometimes you cry cuz you are discouargared and tired but sometimes you cry cuz you are happy and get to see people change. There really is nothing more wonderful. 

Amor from the other side of the world.

Heramana Walker

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