Thursday, July 28, 2016

Week in the Life of a Missionary

It has been a good week .... where to begin :)
So Monday was chill, we hung out in the pench and tried to make food and failed spectacularly.... haha when you try to make gourment food with only pasta and a tomato and onion .... #missionprobs also a bunch of our lunches fell through this week so it gave a whole new meaning to starving missionary (okay so we are not really starving but plain rice with plain potatoes isn't the most satisfying thing in the world ya know? :) 

We have been working a lot this week with a few investigators. We have visited the family Fronton a lot, they are the ones who live in a shack behind a house, and they have been super sick and aren't really seeing the whole importance of baptism and also the whole marriage thing before is kinda a hurtle! but yeah... poco a poco. We have also been working a lot with Carmen, she is super Evangelica but she is reading the Book of Mormon and really wants to know if this is the truth, she came to church yesterday too! :) She told us she felt a little bit like she was disobeying her pastor because she didn't tell him she was going to the Mormon church and she knows he wouldn't be okay with it but she really wants to find out the truth... but with her we are also gonna have the hurdle of getting married. She already told us she wants to get married because she doesnt want to be sinning in the eyes of God so thats good at least!
Also I am pretty sure we found the easiest investigator on the planet... Carlos!  He is 15 and has been coming to church for 5 years but his Mom didn't want him to get baptized but she passed away and his Grandpa is fine with it and so basically super easy but what you gonna do? :) We ran into him in the street when we first heard that he wanted to get baptized from the Young Mens leader and basically the conversation was, "hey!!! you!!! you want to get baptized!!!" him "uh yeah!" us "sweet we are gonna teach you a lesson Saturday morning and set a date for the baptism okay" "okay!" haha and when we related this to the assistant ward mission leader he was like, "no for real you didnt say that" and we just laughed because hey we are servants of the Lord and might as well be direct about what our intentions are no?? :) haha directness for the win! 

Actually we basically had the same convesation with this 10 year old kid we found in this part member family and are gonna try super hard this week to teach him! the family is kinda whishy washy though! 

My comp Hna. Gonzalez is SUPER AWESOME :) I really like her and we get along super well, we are sharing ideas and learning together and I am very grateful she is my hija :) some cool things about her, she knows how to bind books and working in a library restoring books how cool is that... for anyone who knows me... I LOVE TO READ so bascially the fact she worked in a library made me love her! :) 

Also I had intercambios this week with the Hna. PatiƱo. She is from Cali and it was fun, we totally spanglished it all day. Some things are just easier to say in Spanish and other things in English so yeah. Haha for real the English is going, sometimes my comp will say something to me in English and I'll know it isn't correct grammer but it takes me 2 minutes to figure out how you should say it in English correctly :)
What else what else what else..... oh I am a little sick.... sore throat type stuff nothing major, my guess is it is from the cold. :) we rode bikes at night without my heavy scarf so oops! :) my bad! 
Random fun fact: The Simpsons are HUGE here. HUGE. We dont watch TV obviously but we have to ask just about every house we walk into to turn off the Simpsons and there is graffiti of the Simpons everywhere and it is kinda weird and everyone asssumes because I am yankee that I watch the Simpsons but.... no. So yeah! #argentina :) 

So yesterday was also awesome. I completly forgot it was Pioneer day until we got to the house of a member and he turned on the Pioneer day concert from Saturday I assume and I bascially enjoyed some good old patriotism in the house of a Chilean living in Argentina :) That was fun! 
Also our new RM 30 year old bishop is super awesome and super excited to work with us missionaries and so bascially we are super pumped and have a ton to do which is awesome :) 
This week I was studying a lot about Faith. And basically what I learned is that humility is key. Until we strip ourselves of pride enough to really kneel down and ask for the wisdom we don't have, we will never receive the wisdom we need. I have seen it in the humble people here, they have no problem learning from 19 year olds or asking God for wisdom. And the prideful better off people, can't imaging that anyone, including God could make a better life for them than what they already have! Also faith isn't a perfect knowledge and for my very math black and white brain that is hard, but faith is a hope. Alma 32:21. Faith is a hope that true things are in fact true. I am grateful for this opportunity to lay aside my life for the Lord and help others. And I am grateful for the prayers I know I am receiving too! The mission is the best :)


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