Monday, July 11, 2016

Estoy embarazada!!!!‏

So for those of you who don't speak spanish you may think that embarazada means embarresed, nope! It means pregnant! A common mistake among missionaries! And no... I did not use that word in the wrong context this week. I say that I am pregant because.... drumroll please.... I am going to trian a newbie!!! I am going to have a hija!!! I am going to have a daughter manana and I have no idea if she is Yankee or latina and so yeah....!!!  Holy moly can you even believe it cuz I for sure can't! 
So here is how it went down, Saturday morning we were studying in the pench (I literally finished my own training as a missionary yesterday) and we were waiting for our call to tell us about transfers. Usually the Zone Leaders call if it is just a normal transfer or Presidente will call if you have an assignment! So we are sitting in the pench super chill and then the phone starts ringing with a call from President, Hna Medrano starts to talk to him and he tells her that she is going to whitewash and train at the same time, in other words she is going to with her new hija be in an area where previously were Elders so she doesn't know ANYTHING about the area! She was more than a little bit shocked because she did not think she was going to train again, but then she asked Presidente about me and he said not to worry the ZLs are still calling and the assistents will call to inform you about training stuff. So at this point I am feeling super chill because yeah cool I am gonna get a senior comp no worries all is well. THEN PRESIDENTE CALLS AGAIN 5 minutes later!!! And this time it is for me and I am going to train too what in the world I have no idea how to do that but who the Lord calls he qualifies and that is that I guess! Basically I am going to learn a full these next 12 weeks! 
On the bright side I am almost positive I will be in Ezeiza for at least 3 more months which is awesome because I should be here for the baptism of Felipa and Elisa yay!!! :) My poor comp is super sad to leave Ezeiza, the members here are awesome and really pitch in to help with the work! Because there is nothing more frustrating than having an awesome investigator and not being able to have lessons with them because they are men and we can't enter their houses without a sister member! that happened twice this week with Ricardo and it broke my heart!  

Gotta go because yeah! Lots to do to prep for my new comp! 


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