Monday, July 4, 2016

Miracles in the Work‏

Sometimes being a missionary just fills ya with joy ya know? Wow! What a week! :) 

so ..... where to start! So last Sunday we had a lesson with that family that lives in a tarp right? So we had another lesson with them Tuesday and finished teaching them the restoration with the 20 minute video and they are awesome (of coarse not married but I have learned not to expect that at this point). When we showed up to the lesson with a member they had all the pamphlets open to the images and pinned to the "walls" of there hut and it was awesome! They told us they had been waiting all day for us to arrive. We had another lesson with them Saturday but where kinda bummed when we showed up and nobody was home! But with faith we passed by with a Hermano from the ward to take them to church on Sunday and they were all ready to go! Which was a miracle because to say it was POURING Sunday would be an understatement! Holy moly my knee high rain boots where not high enough for some streets. They also told us the reason they hadnt been home Saturday was because they were looking for shoes to come on Sunday!! Did somebody say golden?? 

Also last  Sunday we had a lesson with a new investigator named Ricardo. We had the name of his wife in our area book as a person who accepted that we could pass by to visit and when we did Ricardo came to the door and we asked for his wife and he told she died 2 months ago. Obviously our hearts broke for him right there in the street and we gave him a plan of salvation pamphelt and came back the next sunday for a lesson with him and a member. It went super well and we didnt think much more of it, but then on Sunday HE SHOWED UP TO CHURCH!!!! We didnt expect him! Like we had passed but a day or two before to invite him but he was wishywashy but he showed up! And after the sacrament meeting (which by the way there were 42 members and 6 investigators and 4 missionaries present) I was sitting next to him and he told me that we showed up in his life right in the hardest moment and that there had been a gap in his life in his heart and that when he was with us it was filled and that he feels weird reading the book of mormon but he is filled with peace when he reads it and i almost lost myself to tears right there in the chappel. wow. This week my testimony grew wiht respect that I know that God knows each and every one of us, and knows EXACTLY when and what we need. And because he loves us demasiado he reaches out in love to help us out. Wow. So basically Sunday was the best day of my life, I was basically walking around the chappel Sunday feeling like a super hero! :) Gotta love missionary work! 
Also this week we went to the temple with some investigators and less active members. The lady with greying hair is felipa who is getting married in August and then baptized after 3 years of missionary  discussions and the lady with dark hair is Elisa also getting married/ baptised in August! Yay temple!!! For real there is such peace in the temple! Elisa was one of my favorite parts of the temple, we asked her how she felt and she told us that at the temple and in the chappel she feels a peace she doesnt feel anywhere else and I just wanted to say, "I know right" but it just doesnt come out the same in castellano! :) 
Also we met our new Presidente de Mision this week! Presidente and Hermana Calquin seem great and I am excited to work with them! He is a super funny down to Earth guy with tons of great insights and enthusiasm for the work which is AWESOME!! Basically he justs wants to be out the in field with us and not behind a desk! And his wife is awesome too! They like to dance! They know how to do tons of Chilean folk dances and other stuff besides and it is pretty awesome! :) 
Today to celebrate the 4th of July we had our district activity of the transfer and everyone made a food from their country and basically we gourged ourselves! :) I made fajitas becaues this girl misses her Mexican food and they were ricisimo!! :) I am very fat and happy right now. Also we watched the incredibles in spanish of coarse and I love that movie! So yeah! :) That is basically the awesome week I had! Being a missionary is awesome and the church is true! Enjoy this good ole independence day! :) Ciao from Argentina! :) 


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