Monday, August 1, 2016

It's Raining and Dark!

So being an Arizona Girl I love the rain, claro right? So naturally when it starts to rain and it puts me in a great mood it weirds out my comp a bit but what you gonna do! :) also rain boots right... super awesome things! :) 

So last week basically it rained all week but luckily we had a ton of appointments with investigators and were always inside during the rain! Also we are cute girls right so everyone makes us a mug of hot chocolate and takes our wet socks and washes them and warms them up and we leave all toasty and warm it is great! 

Also we have a few investigators progressing which is AWESOME! First off Carmen, love that lady, she knows it is true but is almost leader of her Christian church and she doesn’t know how she is gonna change it. We taught a lesson to her and her daughter Caren too and it was awesome as we were explaining the Restoration the daughter got all distressed and at the end we asked what was wrong and she just looked up and told us… I've wasted so much time why didn’t I know this sooner?? And basically we were just like... it wasn't wasted time the Lord was preparing you and then we felt prompted to share about sealings and forever families and basically they just told us that was the most beautiful thing they had ever heard and it was awesome. Then Carmen came to church Sunday and received a blessing of health from the Elders after the meeting and started to cry and was asking us how in the world is she going to change?? She totally knows it people and I am so happy for her but we have to strengthen her faith now! She also told us that she is gonna start praying with her arms folded and not up in the air because even though it is weird for her she feels more reverant and feels more the spirit and basically she is awesome ;) I am happy people can you tell?? I never want to leave Ezeiza :) 

Except we did have the little problem this week with the power... the electricity went out for like 2 whole days! Shout out to the Warren familiy and the awesome little lamps they sent me with that totally saved the day cuz the pench is super dark ya know? :) But it is back now and with it the space heaters so yay! :) We aren't dying! :) 

So basically the mission is the best and I am learning a ton and can't believe how fast the time is going! I love Argentina and my comp and life is wonderful people! Also the Book of Mormon is a powerful book and no matter what our question or doubt the answer is there! Testifico de esto. Los quiero gracias por todo! Ciao!! 

I made corndogs and they were super delicious :)

intercambios with hna patino

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