Monday, July 18, 2016

Week 1 as Entrenadora!!!‏

Holy cow so this week,
Where to even start..... so! I have a hija! My new little greenie is Hermana Gonzalez! She was born in Chile but has lived the last 10 years in Barliloche o Varilocce?? or something like that, the south part of Argentinta. I dont know bs and vs are exactly the same in Spanish! :P very difficult but anyway yeah! She is great, a lot more low key not so high strung as my last comp which has been an adjustment! Not a bad one just a change :) We are enjoying learning how to be missionaries together! We found 5 new investigators together this week! Almost all of them just people we met on the street by opening our mouths to talk with people, not many of them are married but what can you expect really ? :) We are excited to work with them and a bunch of other investigators this week to help get more of them to church because for real that is a struggle! But whatcha gonna do? :) 

My new comp es una capa, or in other languages AWESOME :) she is super willing to help in lessons and learn and improve and we are getting along really well! Hopefully she feels the same way and we will continue to have success! 

It has been kinda stressful being the senior comp and trainer on top of that! I really feel a lot of responsibility for the members and ward and investigators, and I guess I should, their salvation is at stake..... :) ahhh. But I am doing good, I have really felt the hand of the Lord in the work this week. Because let's be real, I most of the time don't know where we should go or what we should do, BUT ideas are popping into my head all day long that are from the Spirit not from me with little promptings and as I follow them I find the work moves along nicely :) For example we were planning how to work with the ward in missionary correlacion meeting and I had a ton of great ideas of ways the ward can help out and I had some SERIOUSLY inspired ideas pop into my head that let me tell you I would NEVER think of on my own. So wow lets just say my testimony has grown a lot this week of the power of the Lord. This truly is His work and for some reason He has chosen 18, 19, and 20 year olds to do it but HE really is the one doing all the grunt work, we just have to follow the impressions He gives us. 

Also it is FREEZING here .... pretty sure almost literally, 0 degress Celsius some days in the morning. My comp and I are turning on the oven in the morning to warm ourselves and the apartment because Its be a real 1 electric heater does NADA. But we have to keep an eye on the carbon monoxide levels in the pench..... hahaha Argentina problems! :) 

Also Felipa and Elisa both came to church Sunday and I just want them to get married already so we can baptize them but patience es un virtud celesial.....grrrrr. ;) 

Basically, Life is good I am learning a ton and this is the Lord's work. As missionaries we have the power and authority to do it BUT the key is that the power is from the Lord :) Gotta love the mission! Love you all! Thanks for everything! :)

Mi familia!!! My mom Hna. Medrano, yo, mi hija, y mi hermana Hna. Chaffin! :) 

Mi hija, my new companion Hna. Gonzalez de Chile. (but she has lived in Argentina the last 10 years) una capa de verdad :) 

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