Monday, February 13, 2017

Journal Entries from Birthday Week

Abby sent photos of her journal entries this week and asked me to type them up and send that out as her email.  She said it was a lot easier for her.  (It’s kinda long though, sorry.)

This week was a good one.  I went back to my old area Banfield 2C.  Which was super fun.  :)   My new companion Hermana Abate - Daga and I spent the week in my old apartment with the Hermanas Navarrete y Lopez, but this time I was on an air mattress.  The good news is that after a month or so of my new lovely inflatable bed, my body is finally used to it!  Woohoo!  But poor Hermana Abate…well it has been an adjustment, every morning she wakes up and her back goes craaaccckk, craaaccckkkk.  Poor thing.  But such is the life of a traveling missionary.  But hey, it was a good week and it all started Monday…

So Monday was a super good day - cuz hey it was my birthday.  Herman Abate and I decided to go early by taxi to Banfield to take advantage of the cheap shopping and all the fun stuff on the strip in Lomas.  So we got to the pench of the Hermanas at about noon and they had just finished emailing but we still had to email, so we made plans to meet back up after we went to the cyber and to buy our groceries.  But on the way to cyber Hermana Abate-Daga and I ran into 4 other hermanas from the zone???  Haha, they were on their way to set up a little surprise party and it got spoiled but oops :).  So, we decided to go to the cyber while they set up the party.  After emailing, we headed back to the house and when we entered Hermanas Navarrete y Lopez y Lockling y Molinero y Escalante y Gonzalez were all there with ice cream and a giant candle and pizza singing Happy Birthday and it was super fun.  We had a fun pizza party just enjoying being together.  I am super good friends with basically ALL the sisters in my party so it was awesome to feel super loved  :)  
Bueno, so after the party we had to get on with grocery shopping and what not but it was a super good day, but a day of BIG CHANGES.  Cuz, well as many have heard we have a new missionary schedule and we in the mission received our new schedule Monday.  And let’s just say it has been a hard adjustment.  For example we can now wake up in this mission at 7:00 instead of 6:30 which is awesome right, cuz we are all always tired.  But every morning I am sleeping good right but at 6:25… BOOM!  My internal clock has me wide awake… it may take a while to get used to the change. :)

7 Febrero 2017
Today was a good day,  in the morning we had divisions and I went with Hermana Navarrete, she has changed and developed a ton since I was last with her.  It is fun to see people change over time.  It was fun to proselyte in Banfield 2 again.  After that, well we had lunch in the pench - salad and pasta (I made croutons for Hermana Navarrete and weirded out Hermanas Lopez y Abate Daga) and then we had comp study (super weird to have it in the afternoon ) and we filled out the inform de progress before correlation misional.  Wow, are the assistants dead tired, poor Elders Tenhoeve y Burton have the rey bags under their eyes.  But correlation went well even though there were 8 of us.  Today was the first day of the new missionary schedule and it was super weird.  We had planning in the morning and studies after lunch and yeah super weird.  And the pensioners came in the night to give us a water filter and fix the window! Woohoo!

8 Febrero 2017
Today Hermana Abate Daga and I had consejo de liderazgo.  We learned lots as usual and as a consejo we were able to consuir un plan de capacitation for the mission.  We are going to focus on the personal dignidad of the missionaries, the Book of Mormon and the importance of compromises.  All things that help us teach and baptize converts.  It was fun to see and talk with some old friends in the mission.  Also we watched Pixar shorts as part of an exercise which was fun.  After the consejo we got back to the bench and the hermanas were studying but it has been obvious to us that Hermana _____ isn’t okay.  Super over stressed and loca.  So we had an inventory/therapy session to help them out that went well.  After that we hit the ground and got to work and met lots of great people.  For idiom we bought a kilo of Gride(?) and ate it on the roof and talked a little in English and in Spanish.  A good day.

9 Febrero 2017
Today was a good but weird day.  I am having and we are having a hard time adjusting to the new horario as missionaries.  It is hard to completely change your way of thinking, but it will be better.  But adjustments is hard.  I am having a hard time adjusting to waking up at 7:00 and planning always takes longer than half an hour so we need to figure out at what time we need to start planning and studies to leave at 10:00.  Haha, every morning at 6:20 I am wide awake and it makes me laugh.  We can sleep till 7:00 but nope. :)
Today we had a reunion de distrito.  It went well and was short.  Elder Jensen sang me a line of Divina Luz and Hermana Navarrete just groaned remembering when he was our District Leader and Elder Batson made us sing that song every week in District Meeting.  
For lunch all 6 of the hermanas in the ward this week went to lunch with Hermana Colaso.  She made us fried empanadas and they were super yummy but she fried them in Lard, so they were heavy.  
After, I was with Hermana Navarrete and we went and worked in Temperley and made our way all the way to Soledad in the corner of area aA:)  After we made our way to area B for a cita we had with Eduardo, a contact Hermana Hernandez and I did, a super bueno man whose wife died a year ago and he is super sad.  While we were waiting for the Hermana Lucia Romero to show up and accompany us and I saw on of these little flower seed things floating in the air and it reminded me of last week when Hermana Hernandez saw one of them in the pench and thought it was a spider and literally climbed up on top of me to avoid the ‘spider’, super cute. 
But the lesson with Eduardo was super spiritual and he was super sad and I was able to put myself a little in his shoes and it was sad.  But we really felt the Spirit.  At night we had studies and I don’t know but they don't seem as important to my comp as they are to me.  So I am struggling with that a little, pues bueno.  But it was super cool to teach Eduardo after contacting him so long ago.

10 Febrero 2017
Today turned out to be a pretty good day.  In the morning was weekly planning.  Super fun as usual.  And then we had lunch with the army of 6 hermanas with Hemana Huragrin.  After that we had comp study and then we went to a lesson with Victor in the capilla.  While we were all in the train headed to the lesson it suddenly started to POUR!  Per mal.  In the estacion we ran into Victor, waiting out the rain and also some JAS headed to a dance who needed the direction.
When Victor saw me his first reaction was to give me a hug, cute thing.  Of coarse, I did the lean back and extend the hand to remind him, but he said that he had missed me.  We taught a lesson about the Savior’s role in satisfying the demands of mercy and justice.  After we did splits.  And Hermana Lopez and I found an amazing family.  They are catolicos practicante but when we taught them lesson 1 - The Restoration they actually listed to us, the mom, the dad and the 2 little girls.  People never pay attention when we teach!  But they did, it was amazing.  They understood that our church is the Restored church and they understand and have great questions about the Book of Mormon and were super excited to read it.  They also said for sure they will get baptized if they come to know it is true.  It was awesome.  I didn’t feel like I was in Argentina.
In the night Hermana Abate and I cut Hermana Navarrese’s hair and we all played UNO and they taught me Argentine insults? ;)  A good day.  

11 Febrero 2017 - Sabado
Today was a good day.  I worked with Hermana Navarrese and she is doing well.  She gave me some great advice in the morning.  We worked hard and got rejected 7 few times but hey #aguantabanfield 2.  For lunch the army of 6 went to lunch with the Familia Pitito and well they didn’t have enough plates to feed an army so we had hot dogs/completas with avocado y tomato y leona(?) de papas and it was very yummy.  After that we got back to work.  We talked with a few crazies today.  On old man cutting the lawn by hand while listening with giant headphones to the end of the world radio or something.  He was nuts.  And a poor lady who was sure the nice man on the corner stole her dog.  She was determined to wait outside all night until he came out so we knocked and asked and he just sighed and told her for the thousandth time no.  Also we ran into Victor while proselyting so that was good.  He told us that instead of using OFF for mosquitoes we need to cover ourselves in chicken grease.  Yeah, no :)  But after in the noche we had pizza party to end the week.  2 yummy pizzas and soda and a kilo of ice cream, a diabetic nightmare but it was fun. :)

12 Febrero 2017 - Domingo
Today was good dia de reposo.  In the morning Hermanas Navarrete y Lopez went to look for Ana, the wife in the family we found the other day and Hermana Abate and I headed to church.  It was awesome to be back in Banfield 2.  I got to see Andres, mi amor :)  Also, Oscar was in a full suit!  And Victor was there too and Hermana Pesado!  I love the members of that ward.  Haha, un rey snake showed up today at church.  He had been following Hermana Navarrete at one point and showed up with flowers in his hands today.  That was exciting the assistants were stuck with him. 

For lunch all 6 hermanas went like an army with the Familia Chaparro.  We helped them cut up pounds of fruit for a fruit salad and had a super yummy dessert.  A great familia.  After lunch we packed up real quick and went back to Adrogue!

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