Monday, February 20, 2017

The Villa

Hey so this last week was super good! :) Super busy and crazy but good! 

​what happened this week...

ohh so lots of good things! 

So this week I lived in the villa. The villa is the ​super poor neighborhood ghetto parts of Argentina. It is basically like a square block of a maze of hallways of doors where 20 people live behind every door. There is only one area with a villa and this week we worked our tails off in the villa. It is super humble and super sad sometimes to see how people live. 

Houses with dirt floors and children with rotten teeth. But the people there are super humble and let us teach them. On Sunday we went to the villa super early in the morning to look for people to go to church with us and well the villa at 7 in the morning on a Sunday morning isn't the safest place.... so we asked the Elders to come with us, and while the 4 of us Hermanas were walking to meet up with the Elders 2 dogs joined up with us and walked like the 30 minutes there with us.  We were quite a sight to see.  Four Hermanas and 2 Elders and 2 stray dogs entering the villa to wake up people to go to church.  But haha that is the mission right? :)

Also we had a lot of fun this week cuz Hermana Biesinger has the board game clue so we literally played clue EVERY NIGHT :) Super fun ::) and one night the Elders from the offices came over to bring us fans cuz it is HOOOT here and to bring the Sisters desks cuz they are doing whitewash and didn't have them and well they showed up at 9:30 right... and they started doing their stuff and by the time they left it was the next day. We were all super tired. Cuz we have literally all gone to bed at 10:30 for a year and then suddenly one night we stayed up WAY past our bedtime but it was all good we were just really tired the next day :) 

What else.... oh so Hna Biesinger and Hna Hinrichs are both great cooks right,.... I think I gained weight this week with their cakes and lemon bars and cinnamon rolls and wow. 

And so yeah ! Life is good! We had trainings with President and the Assistants this week and wow, I am learning so much from President and I love him!!! We are focusing as a mission on the power of the Book of Mormon and on teaching repentance in every moment. And it is so powerful when you can do that. I have read soooo many books in my life, anyone who knows me can attest to that. But the Book of Mormon is the most powerful book there is. It holds the answers to everything. All we need here on earth to gain our exaltation is in that book. 

Please, if it has been a while since you have read it, read it :) It will change your life. Because hey, guess what, no one is perfect.  But because Jesus Christ came we. can. change. We change through His Grace and become like new. We can change and clean ourselves through the soap that is the Atonement and then when we are baptized or when we partake of the Sacrament all the dirtiness can be washed away.  to haunt us no more. I love my Savior so much and am so very grateful to Him and His Atonement because I can change. And my investigatos can change and you can change too. God loves us too much :) 

And I love the mission. Until next week :) 
Hermana Walker

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