Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Another (hot) week!!

So this week was pretty good, and more than a little bit hot. We are just starting to enter summer and the humidity.... killer.  But it is all good, we had a good week! 

Tuesday I had intercambios (exchanges) with Hna Lockling from Chile! And yes, her name is English cuz her Grandpa was from England, it confuses the members here. She is brand new and super cute. We had fun out in the heat and at our missionary correlation meeting. As part of our intercambio we had service scheduled with a hermana in the ward. We helped finish cementing (home made Argentina stuff) and paint her railing.  It was fun and we got to see the awesome new Christmas video from the Church!  #iluminarelmundo (Light the World)

After that intercambio I went with Hna Shepard to an area super far away. Villa Madero, not the nicest area, but I entered my first Argentine Villa, #Iwaspraying. For those who don't know Argentina, villas are not nice places. But it was small and in broad daylight so we were good! :) That intercambio was with Hna Mattos from Brazil, she arrived with me in the field but holy cow it was difficult to understand her. She pretty much still speaks Portuguese (instead of saying bautismo it goes something like bauchishmo.) So that was interesting! 

Friday we had zone conference and the assistants reduced everyone to tears, apparently they asked all our moms for video of us opening our mission calls and they compiled it all in a video and showed it to us and everyone cried for about 15 minutes and it was pretty cool :) 

On Saturday our ward had an open chappel and it went pretty well... we set up a stand near the train station and contacted a bunch of people and the heat was suffocating but that is life :) A few people came and we have lots of referrals so wooohoo! :) Basically a really, really hot but good week! 


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