Monday, December 26, 2016

A new year and BIG changes

Hello all! 

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and that you are all getting excited for the New Year. I had a great week and big changes are headed my way :) 

This next transfer I DONT HAVE A COMP OR AN AREA!!! :) Say what?? Call me a gypsy :)

Every week I will be working with a new companionship, training them and helping them and their area :) So 6 areas in 6 weeks vamos :) My mom has more details and can explain :) They call it ETM Especialista en el Trabajo Misional. Or Viajera (traveler). 

This last week was a good one :)

Highlights: Andres went to the Temple :) woo hoo :) He did baptisms and was super happy about it, and then for Christmas he brought us sparkling pear cider without alcohol because he remembers that word of wisdom :) He is so cute and I will miss him :) 

I had an intercambio with Hna Hinrichs. 

We had a dinner with lots of hermanas to celebrate the Birthday of Hermana Calquin and Hermana Davis. We ate my first real dinner in 9 months and it was pretty awesome :) And there was cake at the end! 

We went on Friday to an old folks home to sing them Christmas carols because no one ever visits them. So the whole zone, like 35 missionaries went and the zone leaders brought me the best present ever, a member with a violin, and I got to borrow it and play while the zone sang and my old strolling self totally came out and so that was awesome. Back in my element. 

For Christmas eve, We had a Christmas party with the other hnas in the ward and we totally made sweeet and sour chicken from scratch and terriyaki beef and broccoli and while Hna Medford and I were cooking, mixing ketchup with vinegar and pinapple juice our comps just looked at us like we were nuts.... who puts pineapple and red pepper with fried chicken and a weird red sauce! We do and it was deiclious :) We spent Christmas Eve playing uno and exchanging sweets (we all had a sugar headache the next day from a major overdose) :) It was a blast :) 

On Christmas morning we woke up and made french toast (again our Chilean comps thought we were nuts till they tried it) and then got ready to go to church. But holy cow it rained and super flooded the roads and there weren't any busses cuz it was Christmas so we all put on rain boots and stuffed our cute shoes in our backpacks :) 

In the sacrament meeting I got to play violin with the ward choir and it was super fun :) loved it :) 

And of coarse talking with my family was the highlight of everything :) 

So here we go everybody, set some goals and get to work because the new year is almost here and there is LOTS to do! :) And hey don't forget that those New Year´s resolutions are possible!!  Because Christ came and the Expiacion is REAL :) love you all :) 
Hermana Walker

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