Monday, December 19, 2016

Miracles and Christmas

Hola to everyone and Merry Christmas

I hope everyone can really get into the Christmas spirit and feel a little more the love of our Savior in this special time of year. I have truly learned that as we serve others, our love for them grows and we feel more love from the Lord, so do something nice for someone today :)

This week was a good one :) We were able to find a record breaking 6 new investigators in our area this week which was truly a tender mercy and Christmas miracle form the Lord. While I was with Hna Garner during intercambios we were able to find Maria who is super sweet and a painter :) her paintings are wonderful. But she has had a really hard life. Most of the people we met this week have had really hard lives and are really struggling this Christmas Season. But it amazing to see how the gospel and Jesus Christ can really change the lives of people. And it is a privilege and honor to be able to be a representative of Jesus Christ bringing about change in the lives of people. 

This week we have really been working with Victor :) He has been a fun little challenge.  Most of the people here in Argentina believe a lot in Jesus Christ and God... but Victor not so much. We explained to him that the Lamb of God isn't literally a lamb but JesuCristo who came to pay the price for our sins and make it possible for us to change. And we changed his life :) He tells us all the time that we helped him find Jesus which is something that is really gratifying to hear. We are helping him to prepare to be baptized in January and he is super excited :) A new life, he always says :) 

I hope everyone enjoys this Christmas and that you can find the time to see the little miracles that pass every day of our lives. We rarely notice them, but if we look daily they are there. And I hope we never forget the biggest miracle of all, that Christ came. He lived a perfect life and he chose to give his life because he loves us with a perfect love. And becase he came and lived and died we can all change and become new people, every day. And because HE LIVES we will all live again. What a miracle. I testify as a representative of Jesus Christ that he lives and loves each one of you. He knows us perfectly and will help us if we let him. I know it. Look for Him and remember the miracles this Christmas. They are the best gifts. 

Merry Christmas everyone :) 

Hermana Walker

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