Monday, November 21, 2016

Working Hard

So this week was a really good one! We worked really hard and we are able to see a few fruits so that has been awesome! :) 

We had a new investigator this week, Maria Louisa, she really likes her garden and is really Catholic but hey :) its all good! The flowers in the photo of her are wow.... all over the place right now and I love them! :) 

Andres is progressing SUPER well and we hope that this Saturday we are gonna have a baptism wooohooo!!! Pray for us and him please! He is honestly the best, he just wants a better life and knows that baptism will help him and he tells us all the time, I just started with this stuff but I am just gonna keep learning little by little.... ahhh :) love him so tender :) The ward loves him too, he always arrives half an hour early to our appointments with him in the chapel so he has met a ton of members and they talk with him and are his friends and it is cute :) 

This week coming up is gonna be full of meetings of liderazgo (leadership) and intercambios (exchanges) wooohoo and I am not gonnna be able to work in my own area much which super stresses me out cuz we are gonna have an open chapel in a week and there is a ton to plan and we have to plan a baptism but I am not stresed.... and I'm not stressed that there are 5 of our hermanas in our zone training and that there are lot of problems with some companionships ..... nope not stressed at all......

But hey, this weekend was good, so el Faro, an area in our zone, had a capilla abierta (open chapel) Saturday and those are awesome! Basically 40 missionaries show up in a ward and work super hard all morning and invite a ton of people to come to the open chapel where they turn the capilla (chapel) basically into a visitors center and then the hermanas give tours and it was great! 

So I wanted to share some fun expericenes from that, so on the way there no one knew how to get to el Faro so we all met up in the train station and like 25 missionaries took the public bus together with 1 elder who knew how to arrive, and on the bus we all got on and then immediately the assitents starts contacting someone and everyone just looks at each other and then starts contacting everyone on the bus and it was so cool people, an entire bus full of people sat and chatted with the missionaries and we shared a message and took down their info and it was just a super cool minute, and when people got off the bus and others got on and sat next to us we would talk to them too! Super cool! :) 

Then in the actual cappilla abierta, (open chapel) with my comp in the morning we contacted a full and one of the men we contacted showed up with his little invitacion and it was super cute :) 

It has been a fun challenge getting to know my new comp, it is weird to have to get used to people and figure out a way to work together.  But she is super fun. She has 5 months in the mission and this week was a little hard for her adjusting to this area but I think we will get along just fine. 

We keep working hard and this week is no exception! I love you all and please pray for us and Andres  :) 


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