Monday, November 7, 2016

Miracles and Setbacks

This week was a super good one, everybody ready to hear about it ... okay :) 

Okay so to start off the week we had a meeting the whole zone and the viajeros, a pair of elders that don't have an area and that just go from area to area helping out, and they challenged us to look in our area books and find people ready to be baptized this Saturday.... and we kinda just laughed at them .... :) 

But then I had an intercambio with Hna Chaffin which was awesome right cuz we show up to our lesson with their progressing investigator and holy cow I don't know what happened but the Spirit was super strong and he asked us why his face was warm and we just got all giddy and told him it was the Spirit and then Hna Chaffin challenged him to quit smoking, ya and be baptized Saturday.... and she challenged him to pray that night and ask cuz todavia he hadn't gotten his answer. And we just left and kinda stared at each other and it was awesome! :) 

Then the next day after intercambios I was with my comp and we had a lesson with Andres the investigator who just showed up last Sunday and the Spirit took over AGAIN and we don't even remember what we said but we left the lesson with a baptismal date for the 19 of this month and were super excited. My favorite part of the lesson was to see the look on the members faces when we challenged him... I think we surprised them more than a little!  

When we left that lesson that we were having in the chapel we saw the other hermanas in the ward and they congratulated us for our fecha (date) with Andres and then told us that when they showed up at Oscar's house that day, he was super serious and not himself and they started the lesson and asked how his prayer went and he said, ¨I want to be baptized¨ and they told us the Spirit filled the room and that they where preparing for his baptism Saturday. 

Justo after we had missionary correlation meeting with our ward mission leader and he arrived and the assistants too and when we all shared our news the assistents just got super happy and bubbly and we were all glowing ... our mission leader was a bit of a dark spot (he doesn't have much faith in us or the ward), he told us no one in the ward would come Saturday and that he wouldn't come and the assistants just looked at him and were like,.... yeah but what matters is that he gets baptized!  And he did :) Saturday he was baptized and Andres came to see what his baptism will be like and he is super excited and we are super happy :) also we had a good ward turnout.
Oh, also this week I had an intercambio with Hna Dias from Brasil and we found another new investigator wooohooo! :) 

But we kinda killed my comp this week......

so our area is HUGE right? .... like we probably walk 8 miles a day all day .... which is fine we are always tired but what you gonna do.... but apparently we walked TOO much. We walked more than usual Friday and Saturday and by the time we were heading home by train Saturday my comps foot was killing her, she could barely walk, we woke up Sunday and her 2 legs were hugely swollen and she was just crying but we had to go to church and I tried to call the ward mission leader to help us find a ride there... but we wasn't very helpful, so she just sobbed taking a bus to church and we got there and the wonderful president of the sociedad de soccorro (RS) realized my comp was in SUPER bad shape and called another sister in the ward who is a nurse who checked out my comp and worried it was something with her veins and my comp just sobbed and Hna Calquin didn't anser the phone but the wonderful assistants gave us the ok to go to the hospital so we went.....
and an ultrasound and blood test and shot in the behind and 5 hours later we learned that my comp was basically fine but has tendonitis in her 2 legs for ...... walking too much.... they told us to ice it, buy a brace and not walk as much.... it was an adventure. But through it all we REALLY felt the support of the ward. Hna Lopez took us to the hospital and then had to go but told us to call when we needed a ride home but then the Bishop Pesado and his wife showed up later to be with us and help us and she was posting in Whatsapp ( the equivalent but better of Facebook here) updates to the ward about how my comp was and we just felt so much love and it was wonderful.
So yeah that was the week in a nutshell :) nothing is ever normal with us :) but this is probably our last week together and we just gotta make the most of it :) #rubiaymorochita (blonde and brunette)

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