Monday, August 15, 2016

Hope you know we had a hard week

So this week.... kinda killed us. Every day and almost every investigator we came in contact with told us to basically not come back. One sent her mom out to give us back our Libro de Mormòn. One told us she knows that our church is true but that she is gonna stick to her church. Others told us they didn't have time for us, others were in their house all laughing and when we clapped they sent out someone to say no one was home.... when clearly there were 20 people inside. Another super progressing investigator who went to the temple with members last week one day was fine and the next told us they were not gonna come back to church and that we shouldn't pass by.... we were in kinda low spirits to say the least....

So last night during our extra hour of study time because my comp is in training and we had a ton of videos of the district to watch we had a pity party with the ice cream a member gave us and my secret stash of microwaveable popcorn and then we just watched our movies and afterwards were talking about it and we are super obedient and are working super hard! We taught 7 lessons with members present and 8 others and had 6 new investigators and we basically worked our tails of all week and so we basically decided that we just gotta keep doing what we are doing and find some awesome new investigators... because they exist.... we just have to find them! 

We do have a few shining rays of hope this week, we should have a baptism in the next week so that will be awesome! My lovely conversa Graciela gave me a great little gift of lotion and a foto of us Sunday and she wants me to be at their wedding ... :) little miracles happen every day in the mission the hard part is recognizing them! :) 

We are still working with Ricardo too... but he is really struggling with the whole cigarillos thing.... I am kinda running out of ideas of how to help him... but he came to church Sunday and basically everyone thought he was just a miembro menos activo because he looks like a member but nope he is our beautiful little investigator! 

While our spirits were low in spirits this week our bellies where very full. Monday on pday for our actividad de distrio we went to this awesome buffet place in Monte Grande and ate to our hearts content... for those who know me well.... I can eat people! I think I surprised the Elderes :) I ate sushi people and other delicious things like calamari I haven't had for months and basically I was so happy I wanted to cry... :) there were cheeses and tacos and olives and so many things that the members just don't feed us and I just about died and went to heaven! 

The mission is great and super hard but all the better because it is hard you know? If it was easy it wouldn´t be hard! and there is a proposito in all things! Love you all and for those of you worrrying like my mom, I am almost positive I do NOT have rabies! :) Love you! Ciao! 

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