Monday, August 22, 2016


So I think I need to start off by telling yall how my phone call with the assistant went the other day..... "Hola Hermana Walker, you have changes this transfer (surprise 1, because normally a trainer is with her greenie for 2 transfers). You are going to open a new area (surprise 2) and you are going to train a different newbie (surprise 3) and you are going to be in the ward Banfield 2 (surprise 4 this is the ward of the President and the assistants) Any questions?" Basically I was just left a little more than speechless..... but as the song goes, "A donde me mandes irè Señor" in English that is I'll go where you want me to go dear Lord :) 

So basically I had to say goodbye to everyone...... the ward, the members and the investigators. The hardest goodbye for sure was Ricardo...... when I told him I was leaving he got all sad and told me that he had just gotten used to my being a part of his life and then when we said our final goodbye he said the sweetest words to me that basically broke my heart and brought us both almost to tears and I am going to miss that man he is so sweet and humble. Saying goodbye to the ward was hard too, I have lived and loved the members for months of my life people and to leave was ruff stuff but I am excited for new adventures in Banfield. Also I had to say goodbye to my lovely companera Hermana Gonzalez and I am going to miss her awful people! She and I get along super well and I am super good friends with her, but I know we will see each other further on :) 

But if you are gonna leave an area the way to leave it is with a BAPTISM!!! WOOOO HOOO CARLOS GOT BAPTIZED!!! He has been hanging out and playing futbol with the young men for years but recently decided he wanted to get baptized so we taught him the discussions and asked permission from his grandpa and 3 weeks later wooohooo! He was super happy and excited and the whole ward showed up to support him because he doesn't have a family other than the ward, his Dad died a few years ago and his Mom 2 years ago. The president of the young mens baptized him and basically we are just super happy for him :) 

I am super grateful for this chance I have to be a missionary and I know that this time really isn't mine, it belongs to the Lord. I read a talk about consecration the other day and I realized anyone who really understands the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and His atonement will open their mouth and spread the good news. Because literally we are imperfect and cannot return to live with God and are going to die, BUT because of Christ and what he did, all these things can be reversed! The gospel and repentance is amazing, we can be made clean and receive eternal life, and all we have to do is the little things the Lord asks us. It is so easy and yet so hard. But strive every day to do the thing that is hard just a little better and I know we will receive countless blessings in the end. I am grateful for the support I receive as I consecrate this time to the Lord. Thanks and ciao! 

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