Thursday, April 7, 2016

It's Raining, It's Pouring, My Roommates are Snoring

Hello All! So first off, isn't the church and the prophets and just everything in life so wonderful? Seriously I love being a missionary and I am happy 98% of the time and life is just beautiful. God is so so good and loves us so so much. Also it has been really raining here the past week and everyone thinks I am kinda nuts because of how much I love the rain being an Arizona girl :) 

Conference. Holy cow let's talk about general conference, it was pretty amazing. I went into Conference praying for answers to a lot of questions on my mind and every. single. one. was answered. And holy cow apostles and prophets are amazing. I could really tell a difference in the spirit when they were speaking, they really are special witnesses of Christ. Also all conference I was waiting for my favorite talk and then bam Holland closed it out with my personal fav. I love conference!! :) 

So we got a new addition to the district this week, Elder Orozco. He missed his flight and was in Provo for 3 weeks and then flew down to join us hear. So that has been kinda fun having a new addition and personality in the classroom. 
Also I got two new Latin american roommates which is the bomb! But they don't speak ANY English, not a word so it is very hard to communicate, it took 15 minutes last night to try to figure out the word jealous and when we finally all got it we were so happy and just shouting comunicac√≠on!! Yay!! It is funny! also apparently one of them snores at night but I haven't noticed because one Hermana taught me this neat way to fall asleep fast and it is awesome. She just sits and talks to Heavenly Father, if you ever can't sleep try it! I am pretty sure I am out within 3 minutes tops. 

I have been learning to throw a football this week during actividad fisica so that has been kinda fun cuz I have no idea what I am doing but neither do the latins so we all look goofy together :) 

It is crazy to think in 2 weeks I'll be in the field. The language is coming along slowly but surely but holy cow I am not fluent or capable by any definition of the word. Our teachers tried to get us to play Simon says the other day because we were learning commands but it didn't really work because the only verbs we know are gospel related so it was like, Simon dice read the scripture, Simon dice ..... orar (pray) we know out 10 missionary verbs and that is it so that was a funny thing. 

One of the coolest experiences this week was the testimony meeting we had after Conference. I bore my testimony (in Spanish) and the awesome part was I was able to say what I wanted to say in Spanish. It wasn't long or eloquent but it was heartfelt and it was amazing. If I learned anything this week it is that God loves each of us and is individually aware of each and every one of our specific personal needs. He answered my every question at conference. And he called me to be a missionary here in Argentina in the B.A. South mission because this is specifically where I needed to be and there are specific people here who need me. I don't speak Spanish very well, but I know I will because the Lord wouldn't have called me here if he wasn't going to make it possible. 1 Nefi 3:7. 

I love my mission and can't wait to be out in el campo (the field) helping Gods children. In the words of my CCM pres: I'M IN ARGENTINA AND I'M SPEAKING SPANISH :) and I love every minute of it. I love you all :) 


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