Thursday, April 14, 2016

Just another week in paradise!‏


What a week! Alright so where to start. How about with this little tidbit of info that will make my mom nervous.... so ther are 4 missions in BA because the city is a monster, holy cow it is big. So apparently the west mission is pretty normal, I know nothing about east, the north is the rich part of town.... and the south is the Ghetto!! So yeah I am goin to the hood :) Every teacher I ask about my mission either tells me I'll get robbed a lot or just holds up little finger guns so yeah..... It'll be a blast I am literally soooo excited! :D 

This week is my last CCM pday which is weird juz I don't feel like Ive been here that long. Also I had a one month mark this last week so that's kinda wierd to think I only have 17 months left in the mission. 

We had a north american in the hosptial this last week for like 5 days so that was sad. He had some internal problems and his stomach swelled up like a balloon so we have been praying for him. He seems to be doing just fine now though. He got to watch the Golden Gate vs. Spurs basketball game so he really just seemed happy about the whole thing. Elders! What to do with them we just don't know! :) 

So we went proseliting this last week and that was fun! :) Hna. Myrick and I first got dropped off in our area we didn't feel very safe so we said a prayer to remember that there are protecting angels around us and after that it felt very safe, although it kinda smelled like the zoo.... But proselyting was neat! We ran into the actaul Elders in the area so that was funny! and I'm possibly related to one of them. He says he has a million cousins who are Walkers and he is from Mesa so yeah... I came all the way to BA to meet my cousin Elder Solberg. But the missionaries were in my mission so that was super fun and cool :) Also we had some decent success while proselyting. We "knocked" on a bunch of peoples doors, but knocking here is really clapping. Because most people have gates in front of there door, you just clap outside their house and they come out, super weird. But we clapped peoples doors and met some people and handed out some pamphlets that way. And then we actaully gav e2 people books of Mormon and taught them about the Restoration and the First Vision!! That felt super good to feel like we had accomplished something! :) I understood more of what people where saying too, usually they were just telling us to be safe and to be in a bigger group and to not drink the water, so not very gospel related but hey... I understood it! :) 

I will be very sad to say goodbye to my family here in the CCM in a few days. I don't know if I have ever been closer to people than my district. We literally spend every. waking. hour. together. We eat, exercise, study, learn all day long together! So we are starting to pick up each others manerisms and puns. And one companionship literally accidentally wears matching outfits every day. It is like our minds have synced up! But I love my district to pieces and know they will always be dear friends forever! :) I love district Ammón y me amo Argentina! Gracias por sus oracions! La iglesia es verdad!! 
​Hna. Walker​

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