Thursday, March 31, 2016

Feliz Pascua‏

What a week! I have been in Argentina for 3 weeks holy moly :) and I am more than halfway done wiht my MTC stay can you even believe it? Holy cow I don't know spanish but that is okay :) 

Actually my spanish is doing fine, I am learning lots and can pray really well in spanish and have called to serve in spanish memorized but it is just hard to remember the words I need in the moment I need them. And congugating verbs is the bane of my existence. But el don de lengues is a REAL THING!! Cuz I swear in my IPs I can remember thing so much faster and get the gist of what I am trying to say across which is awesome. My biggest problem right now with spanish is understanding what other people say to me. 

So saturday Hna. Myrick and I went proselyting in Buenos Aires, in an area called Móron. We were there for 5 hours. We talked to lots of people but most of the time we had no idea what they were saying to us, so we just said sí (yes) to everything. Once this lady asked my comp if she was aleman (german) And I knew that word in spanish but she didn't and she just said yes... and I just let the lady think we were german. So I am german apparently :) most people we talked to could tell we were from los Estados Unidos though :) The area we were in was basicall just a neighborhood. But there must not be a speed limit on residential streets holy moly those cars went FAST!!! 

The best part of this week was for sure Easter or PAscua here. I don't think I have ever had a better Easter! Here at the CCM we are focused on Christ all the time so to just take a day and extra focus on Him, basically the best day of my life. Presidente loves music so there were probably a dozen musicals numbers over the course of sunday and they were all amazing. They even got some of our Elders to cry which is a feat! I got to participate on both violin and piano in a bunch of musicals numbers which was awesome! I love president for finding me a violin to use! :) So basically Eater was the best day of my life. I felt so incredibly close to my Savior and when we got to walk around temple grounds on Sunday it was just the most beautiful day, and basically nothing could get me down for a whole 24 hours which was awesome!! We also got chocolate eggs which was awesoem! The Savior is awesome! And he really did die and then rise again. I know it. I know it. Yo sé. I pray everyone will turn to him in their hard times, He is there for you. :) 

Something kinda fun about the CCM, it is small. Really small. And we are all cramped a littel here, but if you pay attention if you sing a song or hear a song at the beginning of the day by the end of the day everyone in the CCM will be humming the same hymn, it just  gets passed from person to person unconsciously and it is funny. 

So just two days ago was a sad day her ebecause all the latinos and the 5 "old" americans went into the campo (the field) and so for 2 days here in the CCM it was just us two american districts and it was quiet. It was really hard to say goodbye to my old roommates and the friends I have made with the latin misionaries. They are so fun. But we got new latins today so no worries, the CCM is a bustling place once more. Some of them arrived at 630 in the morning", and so we woke up to our alarm, and then through the closed window a floor down we heard presidents laughin, he has this super loud distinct happy laugh and we just smiled and rolled our eyes at president. He is awesome though! He and Hna. Benton kinda seem oblivious to the fact they are in Argeninta. :) They just do their thing and their spanish and accents are actually pretty horrible but they speak in it all the time which is a great example because that's probably how I sound and I know I should be talking more. But they are just the happiest funniest people. I got to know president better this week after I passed out in the bathroom in the middle of the night. (I may have a minor concussion but it's all good really) He gave me a blessing the nest day with the help of a latin Elder passing by, it was cool I got anointed in Spanish and then blessed in  English. The preisthood is literally the best thing in the world. So many of us have been sick and relied on and been blessed by the priesthood here, it has really given me a new appreciation for the power of God on Earth. I am grateful that my father is a priesthood holder and that I grew up with that power in my home. 

Sadly today was also the last pday Ill get to go to the temple because it will be closed from now until I leave for cleaning. But on the bright side when I went today I understood the spanish that was said prett well so yay! :) 

​I wish I could explain how hard and wonderful it is being a missionary. Every day is incredibly hard, my head hurts from Spanish and it is hard to have a companion and I want to be the best missionary I can be so I put extra stress on myself. And I'm always tired, I always need more sleep. So being a missionary is really really really hard. But it is the best thing I have ever done. I know that I am being very very blessed as I serve. I feel the prayers of so many people with me, missionaries are the most prayed for people in the world. And the spirit is so close to me always. Ugh, I wish I could explain how wonderful it feels and how different I feel as a missionary, but the power isn't of this world, so the words probably aren't either :) I seriously love my life here so much. I am grateful for this past Easter and how close I was able to feel to my Savior.  I am so excited for general Conference this weekend, And I get to watch it is English! :) I am excited to hear from the prophets of the Lord as I am a servant of the Lord her in Buenos Aires. He lives. Yo sé El vive. En el nombre de Jesucristo amen. ​

​Hermana Walker ​

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