Thursday, March 24, 2016

Then Sings My Soul

Hello world!! :) 

So I am still down here in Buenos Aires and still loving it! This second week for sure went by faster that the first week! 

Okay so I think I need to tell you all about the super cool experience I had this week of LEAVING THE CCM!!! I left the little prison compound can you believe it? It is for sure the most beautiful little prison in the world, but it is still a little constricting. I know pretty much everyone here at the CCM very well. But anyway I left and went into the middle of Buenos Aires!! It was amazing! The city is biggest thing I have ever seen in my entire life. We literally drove for 20 minutes through city and in every direction you looked was city as far as the eye could see, you may think I am exaggerating but no, little for 20 miles in every direction were high rise apartment buildings and it is huge. No wonder there are 4 Buenos Aires missions!! 

​I think we went into the very very center of downtown though, it basically looked a lot like time square but with trees everywhere. Also there are some roads here that are like 12 lanes across. But we went downtown and on this one building somehow Evita's face was part of the building and there was a giant BA made out of grass letters and it was all very cool. We weren't there being tourists though, we were there to get out Visas! So it seems like I will officially be in Argentina for the next long while :) But holy cow the city is huge and awesome. It is kinda basically like a huge New York not constrained by an island so it got really big, but then 75% of everything is in Spanish and so yeah :) Pretty cool, although  very intimidating because well.... I don't really speak spanish! ​
​But apparently that isn't gonna stop us from doing the work because I am going proselyting for 6 hours, just me and my little Californian companion in the middle of a huge city trying to proselyte.... I'm kinda a little nervous but super excited too :)

Okay so the food here is still amazing, but I am definitely starting to miss spice in my life. Basically we eat potatoes, meat, pasta, and rice or some combination of those 4 things for lunch and dinner every day. So super yummy but not varied at all.  ​I was trying to ask my teacher and from what I can gather... cilantro and tortilla chips and just mexican food of any kind is not a thing here. One latin Elder overheard me comparing part of one of our dinners to the massa in tamales and he just had never heard of and couldn't imagine a tamale and it kinda really broke my heart. The dulce de leche almost makes up for the spice but not really :) Everyone this week, besides me so far, has been in need of serious pepto bismol, I don't know what's going around I just hope I don't get it :) 

My comp and I have been working better together which is super nice. Our lessons with our IPs have been going better and smoother and we are able to plan them better. Although it seems like half the time we prep a great lesson and learn all the Spanish grammar and language and then we get into the lesson and just get prompted to completely throw the lesson out the window and go a different direction but it is all good :) The best lesson we taught was on the Plan of Salvation and it was so cool because I could feel the presence of the holy Spirit so strong and I just wanted everyone to be with their family forever the way I know I will be with mine. 

I really want to tell a bit about my district. We are blessed enough to all get along SUPER well and it is awesome because it is like a little family. WE for sure get along better than the other NA district. So we have 3 elders and they are somehow all polar opposites of each other. Elder Maxwell, in last weeks picture on the far left, is just the goofy typical missionary, he gets way to stressed and is district leader so he carries the world on his shoulders and got himself sick. So some of our district has been asigned specific movie or show characters that the are the doppleganger for, so if you have seen Phineas and Ferb he acts and talks and looks like Doofensmirts.  Next to him is Elder Jensen, he is a dynamic personality and basicall just watch the movie Madagascar and he IS Alex the Lion. Super funny and makes us all laugh. Next to them is E. Vonasek, he keeps the other two from killing each other and can do the best voice impersonations of just about everyone. The front row from back to front is Hna. Bennett, super cute sweet gal, Hna. Barnes, kinda quiet but whenever she does say something we are all roaring with laughter for days. Then mi y mi companera. :)
The back row of Hnas fro back to front is Hna. Poulsen, you just tells dumb puns all day and makes us laugh more, and her comp. Hna. Vara, you know a joke is funny if you can get her to laugh :) Not that she is mean, she loves us all she just is that way :) and then Hna. Tinsley, a little bit ditsy (the poor thing is serving in Santa Fe which is basically farmland and all she brought was super cute clean TOMS) but she loves everyone so much you can't help but love her. And then Hna. Slade who is one of my favorites, just super sweet and sensitive and observant :) We get along super well. I don't honestly know what I would do without my district and if we all didn't get along cuz we literally spend 12+ a day together. :) 

So for an Easter message. I am so grateful for the Savior Jesus Christ, or as I have come to know in Argentina Jesucristo. He is my friend here and I rely on him to get me through every day. He really did live, and he really did die for us and then was resurrected. I know that with all my heart. I can't say that very well in spanish yet but this week my CCM president was able to get ahold of a violin for me and I have been able to bear my testimony through the power of music which has been amazing. I really feel like the words of How great thou art resonate with me this week. {Then sings my soul, my savior god to thee, how great thou art.}
Happy Easter everyone! :)

So yeah thats my update for the week! :) If you made it all the way through that you must really love me cuz its a lot. 

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