Thursday, March 17, 2016

One week down in the CCM!‏

Hello Everybody!!! :) So I am in Argentina like what the heck!! I can't even believe it! Okay so first of all I apologize if my email is sporadic and has spelling errors but I am just trying to write as much as posible. So first off it is really hard to write this email in English because I have been speaking as much Spanish as is possible so some of the common words I want to type in spanish and it's a struggle. 

Okay so where to even start- so in Atlanta I got to the international terminal and then I saw about 20 other american missionaries on my flight and it felt so good! 16 sisters flew down to the CCM and 7 Elders so go Hermana power!! :) My district, basically who I spend all my time all day long in a classroom with, is 8 hermanas and 3 elderes. 

okay so my companion. Her name is Hermana MYrick and she is from California and she is super cute and a lot like me so that is great, we get along really well! Except we are both smart and strong headed so sometimes when planning lessons we but heads over what we want to teach and we are both strong willed so..... praying for patience and help :) sometimes I wish one of us was a senior companion so that the decision just kinda deferred to that person, but we both got here the same time so yeah! 

​OKay weather- so it is still summer here so it is pretty hot, I don't know how hot cuz it's all in celsius but that's fine! Also it is super super super humid here. And sometimes at night I wake up in the middle of the night and have to splash cold water on my face cuz it is so so hot!!! 

The food here though- holly molly I could spend this whole hour talking about the food! Literally the best comida I have ever had in my entire life all the time. And when it isn't meal time we can still walk through the cafeteria and eat pan or fruit all day long. In the past week I have probably had 6 peaches, 8 bananas, 5 plums, and 2 apples. LOTS of fruit! And there is this amazing juice all the time​ I have drunk a glass of juice with every. single. meal. So.... like more juice in one week than my entire life. 

The MTC is really small. Only 1 building with 3 floors. The bottom floor is sacrament rooms, kitchen, eating area and offices, the second floor is half hermana living area and half elder. The third floor is district classrooms and a few elders rooms. And that is the whole CCM, in the yard there is some basketball and soccer nets and volleyball nets and yeah. But it is so beautiful here at the CCM, my teacher Hermano Feller told us that compared to the rest of Argentina this is the Celestial Kingdom and I believe him. But we do get a little stir crazy here cuz we all literally life in this tiny building and we never ever leave. So my favorite part of every day is actually exercise at 2:00 because I get to go outside! I am already getting a tan from all the volleyball I play. But it is kinda fun that the CCM is so small and only has 70ish people cuz we always see Presidente and he is so funny! Today he sat at right next to me at lunch and talked with us. 

So I mentioned before when talking about my companion that we sometimes struggle with lesson plans, and so we basically struggle every day because we have had a lesson just about every single day here. Friday, Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.... it's kinda crazy. We are teaching our teacher Hermana Cristeche who is acting as her friend Briana and it is just super stressful cuz we never get a day off to study anything other than lessons for her. But we have gotten her committed to baptism and to come to church and a bunch of other stuff so yay!! 
Also time here moves at about a snails pace, I feel like I have been in the CCM for months not a week. 

Sunday we got to walk around the temple and today we got to go do a session. The temple grounds are literally the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, as close to heaven as it gets. I have been super stressed out this week and it has really been a struggle so when I went to the temple today I went asking for peace and relief, and even though the whole session was in spanish, I felt the spirit. And then when I got into the celestial room I was just sitting praying and suddenly it just felt like my Heavenly Father reached down and gave me the biggest old hug and I just broke down into tears, I was silently shaking and all my mascara was gone, but it felt so so so so good. I know my heavenly father loves me and that this is where I need to be. I kinda thought that once I was set apart as a missionary that suddenly I would become so other person but no- it's just me. It,s just me Lord and I nee your help. I love being a missionary. It is hard work and I feel like my brain is going to explode with Spanish all day long but thats okay! Being a missionary is awesome! 

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