Friday, June 16, 2017

Open Air

So this week was a good one, crazy of coarse... but if my week wasn't crazy it wouldn't be normal!! :) It felt like we hardly had time at all to work in our area this week but oh well! 

So some craziness from this week... so on Tuesday when we had to take the train to go to a choir rehersal for the visit of the general authority this week there was a little accident.. (a suicide, really sad) and so, well we had to get off the train between two stations and find a bus to take to the capilla.... so that was an adventure! :)
Also I had intercambios this week from Hermana Chappell. She is from Arizona so we are in the same boat dying in the humid Argentine winter here.... thin blood or something but que s√© yo?? But we had appointments in what felt like the end of the world and well IS the end of the mission and we took photos with the open air and train tracks!! Super pretty :) 

Also this week I had a rehersal and I AM GOING TO PLAY VIOLIN AGAIN..... :).... crying down here:) #sohappy It felt so good to rehearse a little with the cello and piano and I just felt so happy :) it was wonderful... even though I was embarrassingly rusty! but nothing a little practice can't fix up... although I miss my violin. 

We are working hard and well with the investigators we have right now... but we are in need of some new investigators with lots of potential. It was a bit sad Sunday cuz no one came to church, almost no members came either because it was super cold in the morning and well people come to church walking half an hour or so and so lots of times they just don't feel like going for a walk in the rain, cold, fog.... 

So prayers so we can find some new people to work with would be really appreciated :) Thanks love you all :) 
Hermana Walker

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