Friday, June 16, 2017

Mission Conference

So great news! I get to stay with my lovely comp Hna Biesinger!! Sooo excited !! :) Its gonna be great :) 

This last week was a good one! 

The highlight was a mission conference we had with the President of the Seventy, Elder Clayton, and the President and his counselor of the area South America South, Elder Teixera and Elder Packard. It was really great and we learned lots and felt the Spirit but my favorite part probably had to be the musical number and when I got to play prelude with a cello and piano for an hour before..... I got to make music and it just makes me feel whole :) It was beautiful :) 

Also the WHOLE mission was there and reunions of the whole mission don't happen every day and it was awesome cuz I got to see old comps and friends and give lots of hugs :) So that was kinda great :) 

Other events from the week... the light has been going out just about every other night so gotta love that! But actually it is kinda relaxing living by candlelight... luckily the water heater runs by gas and we can turn on and open the oven to heat up the house :)
We saw lots of cows :) gotta love country living :) 

We are working with a 21 year old with so many problems it makes me sad, and it gives me a glimpse into what my life might have been like without the gospel, kinda sad. We tried and tried to teach Ricardo and Claudiolina but they were sick and we were busy and we didn't teach them all week!!! Ahhhh kinda worried about them.... gonna work hard to find them this week. 

Basically life is going again and I have realized why God gives us commandments... to make us happy :) the law of chastity so we aren't 21 with 2 kids and living alone just trying to survive. The word of wisdom so we aren't chained to substances that are expensive and destructive .) and just every. single. commandment. is to protect us and make us happy :) I am so grateful for all the blessings I get like a rain shower from heaven for obeying the commandments. God is so good :) I love life. 
Hermana Walker

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