Monday, March 20, 2017

San Vicente

So this week was pretty good!  To start off I was in a beautiful area - San Vicente.  It is a beautiful little town/city in the middle of the countryside and it is super picturesque!   A giant plaza next to the giant Catholic Chappel.  (Wow, sorry I have no idea how to spell!) and it is just clean and pretty and even when you contact someone and they reject you, you still feel happy cuz they reject you so positively.  So that is kinda awesome.  Also the Hermanas we were with are awesome.  Herman Chaffin and Hermana Johnson.  

I lived with Hermana Chaffin for almost 3 months in Banfield and we had the same trainer and basically we are sisters.  Love her!  So it was super great to be back with a good friend and remember the old days.  And Hermana Johnson is super upbeat and understood all the references to musicals I made.  And we became great friends!  And trying to talk with the two of them in English I realized how truly terrible my English is…  that’s what happens when every. single. companion. you have is a Latina.  But whatever ! 

We worked really hard with a few of their super awesome investigators, helping them progress.  One is named Sonia and holy cow she is great.  She is waiting for paperwork so she can get married but she is already basically a member, she has an assignment as the person in charge of the library and she owns all of the standard works and true to the faith and Jesus the Christ and she is amazing and every time the missionaries go to her house she gives them jello.  She literally always has jello stocked in the fridge.  She is great, and we watched little by little as her spouse and kids opened up more and more to the gospel.

Haha, so Sonia is a vegan and doesn’t cook her spouse Juan or her kids meat right, so at lunch to be funny Hermana Chaffin shared a super funny scripture from D y C about not forbidding people to eat meat, and when Sonia read it aloud at lunch with her family and us her family cracked up laughing, it was super funny.

We also worked a lot with Graciela and her family.  Her two little boys got baptized about 6 months ago and she is working on the whole divorce thing cuz it is super expensive but we had a Noche de Hogar with them and the two little boys were in charge and they shared the lesson and spiritual thought and prepared the game and their father, who isn’t super interested in the gospel, watching them got super proud and softened up a little bit.  #progress :)
It was a great week and I learned a lot.  One thing that has been amazing to me to see is how living the gospel, keeping the commandments, and doing what you should really makes people happy.  There is nothing else in the world that can make anyone truly happy.  I have also learned that no one is perfect, no matter how hard we try we always fail at something.  But through the Savior and His Grace and Atonement, we can repent.  We can change and line up our lives a little more with God’s will.  We just have to try.  That’s the best part.  We get credit just for trying.  So try.  And know the Savior loves you and will help you.

—Hermana Walker

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