Monday, June 27, 2016

Ciao Presidente Thurgood!‏

So there is this rule.... people NEVER get to enter the apartment. Except for the missionaries in charge of apartments and maybe the President of the mission and missionaries staying the night...... but last Monday in the pench we hosted a Hno. of the ward and Sergio Medina our convert of 1 day and his hijo Joaquin who turned 8. And it was all totally okay because Sergio's parents are the missionaries in charge of the missionary apartments and Sergio is now working with the mission helping fit mosquito screens on all of the windows and doors. So yeah... we had a little birthday party in the pench and it was very fun! Joaquin is a cute kid! And his parents were in church again on sunday, Graciela even came in a skirt! :) 
Also we said goodbye to our beloved Presidente y Hna Thurgood this week, starting tomorrow we will have a new president. As a zone we sang them a song and all cried our eyes out and it was sad, but Presidente Calquin will be awesome too! 

side note: Because we said goodbye to the Thurgoods the hnas de Monte visited us again and AGAIN brought blankets! I am now sleeping not only not cold at night, but warm even!!! :))) #sohappy

Apparently there was a big semi final soccer (futbol) game between Argentina y the USA. I am grateful Argentina won or I might have been afriad to go outside. We don't watch TV but we knew that Argentina won when at 10:35 one night we are lying in bed trying to fall asleep and someone runs down the street screaming GOOOOAAAAALLL!!!! Haha futbol is huge here. 

Wednesday.... I dont know what I ate but.... pretty sure I had food poisoning. I was in the bathroom most of the night. #thirdworld and then thursday morning after I didnt sleep we went and got vaccinated against the flu. I dont and never have enjoyed shots as my mother can very well attest to but I was a very brave girl. (No I did not get a lollypop at the end). 

Random note: Ezeiza is the Area of the airplanes, we are in the direct descent path of the airport, so I can literally read the tiny writing on the planes as they are practically touching down! That is kinda fun but kinda annoying when you are trying to talk to someone on the street and cant hear a thing they are saying!
So a bit about our investigators. FELIPA! Felipa is awesome, she has been listening to the discussions for about 3 years and now she is getting married to her partner of about 30 years (she is about 65). She is awesome! She is working on some papers to finalize everything but we are excited for her, she attends church weekly! Her son is the assistent ward mission leader and a convert of just under 3 years, honestly probably the most active member of the ward :) He accompanies us all the time and is awesome! 

Yesterday was wonderful! So at church I got a candy bar for helping a ward member with her english homework! Not a bad trade :) and then after church we found 6 NEW INVESTIGATORS!! One is Ricardo and he is super awesome and we have a new baptism date with him and are gonna work super hard with him to help him progress because he has a lot of potential. And then yesterday we had another lesson with an investigator and Sergio Fortunato was going to accompany us but he was late and then .... long story (told about it in audio if care to insert it) but anyway we ended up not having that lesson because they werent there and were about to leave the street when this little 10 year old Franco came up to us and asked if we would buy a cd from him, we told him we didnt have money and he asked who we were. We told him we are missionaries and here to help people. Whe then asked "does your family live close? Can we help you with anything?" He told us his family lived 2 houses down and that they needed a house. We asked if we could meet them and he brought us to meet the family. They need a house. They live in a shack constructed of tarp BEHIND a house. We taught them the first half of the first lesson beacuse they had so many questions we couldnt finish all of it. But we taught it sitting on the mattress and them on crates all huddled around the little embers heating the water for Mate. humbling. They are from Uruguay. and mow lawns for a living. They were all (the 5 of them) very interested in our message and we are going to visit them this week!

The work is going good! I am working hard and my language is improving poco a poco! I am grateful to be here in Argentina and for the support I receive from you all! Thanks! Ciao!!!  

​Hna. Walker ​ 

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