Monday, June 13, 2016

3 Months

Hola Todos! So I have officially had 3 months in the mission field woo hoo!! Basically still a baby but yeah! 

So this weeks email is gonna be super scatterbrained because such is the life of a hermana! So we had 4 new investigators this week, 2 of them are Juan and Gladis, they are super great people, she likes to say everything super loud and he doesnt say much but oh well, we had a great first lesson with them and are gonna continue teaching but it is gonna be difficult because they cant read.... they never learned? or I dont know so yeah, and they live super far from the rest of life so yeah.... WHOO HOO!! lots of videos with them! 

One super funny thing, I never know when people are swearing which is actaully super nice. I dont know what words are swear words and so its great people could be cursing at me all day long and Id never know! 
So this week Sergio and Graciela had their baptismal interview with our district leader. Sergio wasnt nervous but Graciela was. And because Hna Medrano and I knew that each interview would be at least an hour we did splits. I went out proselyting with THE ward missionary (we have 1 currently) Juana Belizan, love that woman! :) her life is just a series of awkward moments... :) all our appointments fell through and somebody asked me if I was thirty and it was great! #themissionagesyou

But SERGIO AND GRACIELA passed and after they each interviewed they embraced and started to weep and it was so tender and sweet I loved it! So next week there will be  baptism photos and a bunch of others too! :) 

​out of time but love you all! ​


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