Monday, June 20, 2016

A Celestial Week‏

So this week was AMAZING!!! :) 

Where to begin! 

So monday we had visitors!! That was fun! Hermanas Muñoz from Spain and Hna Chappel from ........ PHOENIX!! So yeah basically that was a blast, she is brand new in the mission (even newer than me) and so she didnt understand a ton so I got to play translator and we talked in english and we went shopping cuz she also is suffering in the Argentina cold and needed sweaters, but latins dont have the same style.... luckily I knew kinda what she wanted and we were able to find her some stuff! So that was great! Also at night we made cookies... in the microwave cuz we didnt have enough gas in the tank for the oven but they turned out good so yeah! :) These Hnas are in the area of San miguel del Monte which is basically farmland so they were happy to be in the less ghetto Ezeiza for 2 days or so. And the reason they were in Ezeiza (a 2 hour trip by public transport) is ...... drumroll please......

and it was amazing :) We had our last Zone Conference with Presidente Thurgood and to start it off we all did a session in the temple. Because there are only 8 hnas in the zone we all got to go super early and do initiatories before the session and so basically I was in the temple for 5 hours and it went too fast! I have always loved the temple but I needed it this time or something. It was like I remembered who I was while inside and I remembered the eternal perspective and that I basically am soooo blessed! I could rant for a few more hours about how amazing it was but Ill stop there:) also I understood everything in Spanish so wooohooo! :) 
Our conference with president was awesome too! He is an amazing man and I am sad I didnt get more time with him but Presidente Capquin will be fabulous too I am sure. 

Also this week for pday we had a zone activity and we went to the Forests of Ezeiza. basicaly we all just trekked a mile so the elders could play football like at every other activity but whatever, the real adventure was after when there wasnt a bus back to the station so about 30 missionaries walked alongside the highway in the middle of NOWHERE for an hour till we found a bus stop..... mission life... Im sure everyone driving by was thinking Yankees, how weird. 

So this weekend we also had 2 as in TWO BAPTISMS!!!!!!!!!! WHOO HOOO!!! and holy cow were they anticipated! So the man Sergio Medina is the son of the 2 service missionaries that take care of the apartments and visas of the mission and their ENTIRE family other than him is members of the church! They have been waiting 30 years for him to accept the gospel, and he has been taking the discussions that long too! I don´t know what changed but my guess would be her..... Graciela! She is 25 and studying to be a police officer and they are getting married in September. I think meeting her made him realize he wanted that whole forever thing, not just tell death do us part and so he called us up, they had the discussions and got baptized! The baptizm was kinda crazy stressful! So his brother in law (the former stake president) baptized him and then his dad confirmed them the next day. there were at least 60 people at the baptism (I counted) which some sundays is more people than are in sacrament meeting. The baptism lasted 2 or more hours because both of the talks, the father and brother had been preparing for about 30 years and had a lots to say so yeah :)  it was great and I am super happy for the 2 of them. 

​Also little miracle of the week, the Hnas de San Miguel del Monte brought with them 2 extra sleeping bags that they had in their apartment and I am not freezing cold at night now! WOOO HOOO! :)  

Basically this week was heavenly! Love you all! :)  
Hna. Walker

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